Our PPC Team have been busy attending a host of Google Partner events and have come back with a wealth of knowledge. We have decided to break this down into bite size chunks – you can thank us later. Enjoy Part 1 of our Google series, all about the updates and insights at Google Marketing Live 2018.

Hey Google, what’s new?

Recently during their Marketing Live 2018 event, the Google Marketing Platform was announced with some exciting updates. Not only will these innovations help us marketers work more efficiently, they will enable us to connect and engage with users in a new light.

Goodbye Google AdWords and hello Google Ads

Most of us have realised that AdWords is now Google Ads. Google announced that AdWords is changing its branding because it was not capturing all the capabilities anymore – from search ads to YouTube. Marketers can now connect with audiences, a simpler and more connected way to buy ads.

Three new core values are attached to the new improved Google Ads:

  • Valuable
  • Transparent
  • Trustworthy

Allowing users to switch out of advertising and personalise their settings to let them choose ads that are more suited to their needs, Google is empowering today’s consumer, ensuring advertising works for everyone. They are providing value for users by ensuring they feel valued, assisting users in their search journey rather than just providing the quickest solution.

Using Google Ads will not be much different from how we used Google AdWords. It will, however, create a simpler more cohesive way of buying ads, finding more suitable solutions for your business needs.

Google Marketing Platform – plan, buy, measure and optimise activity all in one place

Making our lives a lot easier, this new innovation from Google unifies the current analytics and advertising platforms into a single solution. The DoubleClick brand will change along with other Analytics 360 suite products, and a host of other products, see below.

Google Marketing Platform
Google Marketing Platform offers marketers a more cohesive experience, joining the dots throughout the user journey online.

YouTube is now functional at all stages of the buying cycle 

YouTube has seen a 150% growth in ads conversions last year and 70% of YouTube campaigns drove a significant lift in in-store sales. Users are not just going to YouTube to watch funny videos, they are using it as an information hub and therefore considering it as a form of advertisement that will drive results is key. One significant update is the YouTube ads are now functional at all stages of the funnel.

In this release, Google introduced new campaign types that will help advertisers reach their goals:

  • TrueView for Reach
  • TrueView for Action
  • Maximise lift bidding
  • Also, Form ads that will be coming soon.

These new campaigns will let marketers drive leads and sales for businesses in a more engaging sense than before.

Let’s not forget, what benefits the user?

Google aims to assist the users throughout their search journey by providing ads that meet their needs and interests, giving marketers options to create ads that are enticing and optimised for search.

The main takeaways from Google Marketing Live are Google’s focus on advertising that works for everyone – through optimisation and automation. We have a bank of knowledge Google has shared with us, and we are excited to share it with you. Keep an eye out for part 2 of our Google series – Googles innovation is Automation.