Meerkat Periscoped and Torpedoed!

Meerkat raised its head high and launched, Twitter’s Periscope popped up and torpedoed it.

What am I talking about and does it matter?

Live streaming on Twitter, two great apps that came to market last month and the independent app Meerkat thought it was the next big thing in social media solutions only to be blown apart by Twitter’s own Periscope app that’s fully integrated with Twitter appearing seconds later.

Both are great, but Periscope’s native solution […]

YouTube Stars More Influential, Youth Say

Published on MarketingCharts is a great account on how the millennium generation is turning to digital celebrities over TV, Music, Sport or Film ones. I for one have two young teenage daughters who consume far more YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat than any other media and they can reel off not just who are the most important YouTubers are, but also their whole lives, plus watch back to back videos of their idols and make […]