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Today marketing involves a greater volume of data than ever before.

We collect more information and see consumers with more nuance and greater granularity every day. All this data is meaningless in isolation; it needs to be presented and interpreted if it is to have any value for the understanding of our customers and the building of a brand. To do that job properly there’s a lot of systems, process and hygiene work that must be undertaken first.

The growing abundance of data has seen a rapid increase in the volume of tools to help interpret it: halfway through this year, 6,829 MarTech solutions have now been identified, up from just 150 available in 2011.

(Source: chiefmartec.com).

It can be daunting to navigate this complex landscape; to find solutions that match your business requirements. By using a professional Insights Team founded by experienced planners and buyers, you can make it a good deal easier. Our team understand marketing channels, both online and offline. We understand the hygiene changes needed to make your data usable, we realise the value of communicating in plain language, and we are quickly able to turn your data into meaningful actions.

With the right insights extracted your media will become responsive and agile. You can understand what’s working and how.

Is your target audience well defined in personas you can visualise?

Get the right people to your website and into your database: we use industry-leading research and planning tools to uncover customer journeys.

Our Insights specialists will ensure existing tools are all set up correctly and integrate with one another effectively to capture everything that is important to your business.

We map where your customers come from, profile and segment audiences, and visualise the relationships and value of the online and offline activity.

Analysing reams of data is central to everything we do.

For us, digging deep into research is all about humanising data to help drive strategic direction.

Caring for your data

Discover ways to refine your data, enrich it and find similar audiences at scale.

Our Tools

"Space & Time are always proactive in considering the best way to reach the right audience for our business goals, constantly evolving our strategy"

Connect with your audience

Our experts will unearth quality information from analytics, geared for action and build the right personas for prospecting. Match customers back to all interactions with your brand, not just the last touch, and enable you to take control of messaging that works throughout the path to purchase.

Build a fuller picture of marketing performance all in one place. Our data centralisation and visualisation platform brings everything together for reporting. This includes data feeds from publishers, web analytics, call tracking, client databases and more.


Get a free, no-commitment assessment of your performance metrics from our Insights pioneer

Hi, Tom Carter, Head of Insights. Let us find meaning and actions for your data; together.

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