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Integrated Marketing

Today the digital space isn’t confined within the devices that connect us to the web.

The huge growth in the volume of connected devices and the impact they each have on our lives is blurring the lines between the way that digital and traditional media are traded, targeted and consumed.

The distinction between online and offline is being eroded in our everyday life and in the way we consume media, and this shift is reflected in the way that our planners and strategists build marketing campaigns.

The traditional structure of a media agency encourages segmented thinking: there is a team for this channel, and a separate group of people for that discipline. Our client services team are experts in all disciplines, we embrace the idea of crossover media to ensure that traditional silos are broken down.

There is no magic formula, but it helps to recognise the risks of siloed thinking and it’s all a lot easier if all your specialists are truly experts in their field but have a bird’s-eye view.

Applied properly, the concept of crossover media does more than just help to plug the gaps: by crafting truly integrated campaigns we offer clients optimal reach and nurture each transaction all the way from first touch to last.

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GPS and near-field communication allow us to use data from mobile phones to understand a great deal about people’s activity in the real world today.

For example, we can use this data to target people based on places they have been and when they have been there. We can use it to bridge online activity with real-world footfall and to understand what percentage of people who saw our advertisements went into a specific store afterwards.

Benefit from rich data, in the mobile marketing world providing a richer understanding of your customers’ behaviours and developing more granular details than online behaviours alone. Uncovering insights every day we use mobile to help to demonstrates the true value of online activity in its ability to drive offline actions.

“In such a wide and constantly evolving landscape, we are kept updated with new channels, trialling and testing new products for the best ROI after each campaign.”


With a rapid expansion of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) inventory the possibilities are almost endless.

Digital outdoor activity combines a traditional, offline medium with modern programmatic trading techniques, allowing us to trade outdoor inventory in real-time through a trade desk.

Mobile and DOOH are no longer separate channels; today they are linked inextricably by digital convergence, and each channel is made considerably stronger by this interaction. Nowadays with more screens in more locations, bringing mobile and DOOH together is a reality many advertisers wouldn’t dare dream of before.

With lower average trading costs than activity bought on a static basis we can target by daypart to give a more cost-effective campaign, changing creative messaging across time of the day.

The world of DOOH is bright and we can share some effective ways to capture this rising star as part of your paid media mix.


This medium still captures attention when attention is undivided.

With more than half of listening now through a digital device, the FM switch off won’t be far away. For now, radio continues to straddle old technology and new: traditional broadcast; DAB; online stations; personalised streaming services and podcasts. Each of these present different opportunities to segment an audience and curate a creative execution specific to their situation

Each of these moments present different opportunities to reach a segment or find an audience, and to deliver a message that really speaks to people.

Here, we not only benefit from more nuanced understanding of audience behaviour, but we are enriched in the knowledge of who, when, and how often. The planning of controlled frequency to tie in with tactical digital activity serves the right ads to the right people in the right order. A thing of beauty where all the moving parts come together.

Radio has grown up in the digital age.

Addressable TV

We live in exciting times where TV planning is expanding its definition to evolve to this new world where we crossover.

The traditional TV model is quickly disappearing as consumption moves into the digital age, with time shifting and an ever-increasing volume of devices per household. Gone are the days of linear broadcasting, family viewing, single-set households, appointments to view and, sadly, water cooler moments.

TV advertising that has the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program is known as addressable TV. These people-centric developments mean you can now move beyond large-scale traditional TV ad buys, to focus on relevance and audience precision.

Sky’s AdSmart and the much-anticipated YouView platform’s product treat a set-top box as if it were an ad server, providing advertising content that is tailored to the individual household.

This technology provides a valuable uplift to traditional linear campaigns, using first or third-party data to isolate specific audience segments. Get hyper-local with custom geographies and benefit from in-depth audience profiles created from data profiling.

Serving the right ads to the right people in the right order.

Real-world Triggers

Many digital media can use external ‘real-world’ feeds to dictate which ads are shown and when. Here a digital experience combined with real-life events helps your ad messages turn up on time moment after moment.

For example, GDN and programmatic activity can be weather-responsive, tailoring the message to the weather conditions on any given day.

This form of advertising ensures optimal responses to creative and matches creatives to the consumers’ external context.

Be there in ‘their’ moment. Context is everything.

Move beyond traditional media planning and buying to focus on relevance and impact

Ed Hill, Managing Partner, Space & Time Media.

Hi, Ed Hill, Managing Partner, here to help you move beyond large-scale media buying and harness transformation. Talk to me about using crossover opportunities for your marketing in this new age.

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