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The changing face of Instagram

Of all the social channels, Instagram has been the fastest growing and most innovative over the past year. In fact, it has added so many features recently that it’s been a major task to keep up with its evolution and understand the ways that they can be put to work within the marketing space. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how much Instagram has grown over the past year and what […]

Facebook’s newsfeed update… what does it mean?

On Friday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped a bit of a bombshell. The newsfeed is changing in a big way. Content created by brands and publishers will now be shown less, while content from your friends and family will take priority within the Facebook newsfeed. The idea is to make the time you spend on Facebook ‘valuable’, rather than the ‘passive experience’ that reading news stories and watching videos can be. So why take […]

Blogger Outreach – Mustela Case Study

The power to publish is distributed with abandon across the modern digital space; today’s digital natives have never known a world wherein the capacity to share knowledge and opinion is controlled en masse by newspaper magnates or broadcasting groups. Over the last couple of decades there has instead been a shift in focus, with the emerging heights of the communications industry interested solely in providing a platform that allows user-generated content to flourish, and […]

Social Media Management Workshop

While many brands have been able to get their head around the uses and purpose of paid social, even some of the biggest struggle to manage their social media channels effectively – mainly because they don’t differentiate between their paid social strategy and that of their social channels.

Our experience in managing social media channels and paid social for a range of clients means that channel specialists at Space and Time are in a great […]

Facebook: Inspiring Shoppers to Purchase with a Collection

Back in November 2016 Facebook announced the launch of the ‘Collection’ ad format, which is now available globally to all brands, large and small.

Adidas were one of the first to use the ad unit and they saw a substantial decrease in their cost per conversion and over 500% increase in their return on ad spend. We’ve noticed other brands such as Marks & Spencer, Mulberry and all using this ad format in the […]

Space and Time Media – Facebook Workshop

Last Thursday our Reigate office hosted the agency’s first ever Facebook advertising workshop.

We invited local business owners to come and enjoy a morning of tea, coffee, and croissants, whilst we navigated them through setting up and managing a Facebook campaign from start to finish.

Having run tens of thousands of campaigns for our clients, training is somewhat relatively new to our digital team.

We are seeing a growing trend of businesses preferring to […]

#FLASHBACKFRIDAY: Facebook Agency Day

It’s been 1 week (or 700,000,000 hours’ worth of videos watched on Facebook) since Andrea and Bruce were up in Dublin, drinking Guinness and clapping along to traditional Irish music representing Space and Time at Facebook’s EMEA Agency Day.

The day was a chance for select medium-sized agencies across Europe, Middle East and Africa, to get together and benefit from the platform’s recent insights, sneak peaks into new products, as well as current best practices […]

Instafame – It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

We scroll through our feeds to see sandy beaches on distant shores, mouth-watering recipes, funny memes and celebrity updates. It’s only natural that we look for the things that lift our mood. That little distraction or two.

But the darker truth is much harder to look at.

While piecing together this article, a quick Websta search threw up a staggering 9,515,232 Instagram posts which included the hashtag #depression. 4,819,416 with #anxiety and 4,621,207 with #lonely.

A Picture […]

New Facebook Feature – Automated Rules

In typical Facebook fashion, a brand new feature has made its way under the radar.

But nothing gets past us for long, and this was picked up by one of our Social Media Executives last week.

It’s called ‘automated rules’ and allows us to set up alerts if certain pre-determined campaign metrics aren’t met.

This is a great new feature for us here at Space & Time, as we deal with multiple campaigns and advert sets on […]

YouTube Stars More Influential, Youth Say

Published on MarketingCharts is a great account on how the millennium generation is turning to digital celebrities over TV, Music, Sport or Film ones. I for one have two young teenage daughters who consume far more YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat than any other media and they can reel off not just who are the most important YouTubers are, but also their whole lives, plus watch back to back videos of their idols and make […]