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TV Advertising

Scale & reach

Delivering scaled reach and buying TV audiences smartly are not mutually exclusive.

TV’s massive scale and reach get boosted even further with the ongoing developments in device usage and technology. For one, TV today is highly targeted.

And when it comes to building brands and amplifying performance across multiple channels, nothing beats TV.

Buying spots line by line and spot by spot doesn’t mean you can’t deliver campaigns on a massive scale.

For example, it may be easier to build an effective reach on TV by intelligently combining selective spots on a bunch of lower-rated shows rather than buying a couple in big prime time shows.

Yes, we love fragmentation as it means that effective TV campaigns will require many more spots than they used to do. We also love the fact that boosted reach on TV is not a threat to brand safety.

“The average person in the UK watches 4 hours 37 minutes a day of video in total and TV accounts for three-quarters of it. People want quality content and TV programmes are the highest-quality video content.”

238 Million Views And Other Things You Should Know About TV, Thinkbox 2018.

Some companies we work with

Smarter TV

The real art in planning for massive impact is finding the true affinities for the audience personas being targeted.

And that’s exactly what our TV pioneers do best.

Our experienced team can plan, buy and manage the right campaign to get your brand seen and heard by exactly the right audience.

With developments in person-first technology, we can also help you reach out to exactly the right consumer, at the right time.

Multi-screening has reinvented the way audiences consume screen content today. Brands can bring viewers closer to their proposition by appreciating their personalised choices and individualised habits to connect at scale.

With all the content choices laid out to advertisers today, TV is another viable option for most brands. However, our TV planning teams appreciate that no TV campaign lives on its own. Connecting the campaigns together so that timing and placement are aligned to viewers’ moments of truth is crucial in today’s multi-channel world of media consumption.

” We just ran a TV campaign with excellent results. Planning and communication was excellent throughout. They also work very well with our creative agency, ensuring a seamless offering.”

"Innovative strategies, using a variety of media"

Localisation & amplification

Each TV brief is planned on its own merits and built around the lifestyle of the audiences you are targeting. We never shoehorn your brand into group deals.

We delve into insights for niche audiences but to find exactly where your business will grow requires a deep dive into understanding each region.

These days TV presences can be mapped to your business footprint. What you need beyond personalised planning is a team that is also well-versed in the art of localising TV.

With a good content idea driving your Social Media Marketing we can drive social impact to synergise with a TV presence. The social media amplification for TV is huge and there is no reason for any brand to miss out on such an opportunity.

Talk to our pioneering team to learn of the TV success stories we live and breathe every day

Justin Stracey, Managing Partner, Space & Time Media.

Hi, I’m Justin Stacey, Director. You don’t need millions to invest in TV. Why not speak to us about our hands-on approach to spot buying, we can share our successes to date.

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