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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Smarter SEO.

With over 100 billion searches happening on Google every month, every search offers a unique opportunity for you to reach your customers at a time when they are fully engaged.

Given the right treatment, the pages on your website have the potential to rank high on search engines. With our years of search marketing expertise, we’re here to help you understand the psychology of people on their search journey and stay on top of the ever-changing algorithms.

What’s needed is precision. Which means understanding your business, your market and your customers so we can identify the search phrases

they use to find your product or service.

And with our specialisation in local area marketing and a team of multilingual experts, we’ll help you reach audiences around the corner as easily as across the world.

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Every project starts with a discovery phase. Here we meet and get to know your business and goals, and gather the information we need to perform the audits that will be the backbone of your new strategy.

We also analyse your position in the market. We conduct a thorough evaluation of key competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses and review their websites and backlink profiles.

Audits & analysis

Now it’s time to understand your web presence. We start by running series of audits.

Technical SEO audit

Here we check under the hood to establish how your current site is performing. We look for things like whether your site structure is friendly to search engine crawlers, that important pages are being indexed, and that the mobile version of your site is configured correctly.

Content audit

This lets us establish how well your current content is working for you. We look at your content strengths and weaknesses, whether the phrases and words people use online are reflected, and that your site is delivering content effectively.

Backlink audit

Search engines see links to your site as a vote of confidence, so it’s important to understand who is linking to you. The backlink audit checks that your profile follows best practices, disavows toxic links, and helps us create a plan of action for SEO.

Google penalty assessment

A Google penalty assessment looks for issues that might give your website a negative score, like duplicate content or over-optimisation, so that we can create a recovery strategy if you need one.

“We rely on Space & Time for recommendations on SEO and they are always very helpful and knowledgable.”

SEO management & optimisation

Now it’s time to boost your visibility. We analyse the audits, create an action plan and start the optimisation process. Whether part of your site needs to be restructured, your mobile indexing needs a boost, or your images and videos need optimising, our implementation team will help you stand out from the crowd.

If your strategy involves targeting a local market or specific region, we optimise accordingly and get you listed on channels like Google My Business.

Outreach campaigns &
digital PR

Bloggers, journalists and digital influencers play an increasingly important part in buyer preferences. We’ll identify and help you access key influencers in your business niche and optimise the rich content they find useful.

Reputation and review management

What people say about you online can directly impact your business. Our SEO pioneers will audit every aspect of your digital ecosystem and provide strategies to boost your online reputation.

Monitor, optimise & report

Once your strategy is in place, it’s time to monitor, assess and optimise the approach. As your business, the market and technology evolve, we’ll ensure that your strategy remains fresh and relevant.

We’ll provide regular reports, designed around your needs, which analyse and explain your progress, highlight new trends, and recommend improvements.

SEO training & consultancy

As you get a handle on the ongoing strategy, you may wish to take over some aspects of maintenance. Or maybe you’d just like to know a bit more about how SEO works. Tell us what you want to know, and we’ll create a bespoke training course or workshop for you and your team.

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