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Programmatic Display Advertising

The future is here

Programmatic lets you deliver truly bespoke campaigns to an audience of one.

With programmatic display advertising we use automation throughout the media buying process to reach your customers across the full range of channels. Within nanoseconds, the technology works out where the customer is in the purchase funnel to serve relevant creative in real-time.

Whether you’re building your brand in your local community, selling a

product globally, or nurturing an existing customer, programmatic is a data-powered world where quality supersedes quantity.

And it does so on the most relevant device for that specific time of day when they’re engaged.

Always on. Precisely targeted. Audience and customer-journey attuned.

Welcome to an adaptable world that never sleeps.

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Getting started

Before we talk tactics we want to understand your business. What are your business goals, strategy and approach?

Every engagement begins with a discovery session. We learn everything about your marketing activities in an initial kick-off session and get to know your competitors inside out.

Smarter Programmatic

Audience targeting. Channel selection. Messaging. Placements.

Programmatic is fast-moving and has lots of moving parts. We set up the technology so you can reach your customers and prospects at the right time and place with carefully crafted messaging. We’ll take care of the logistics for you.

Our expertise is your expertise.

On your behalf, we will choose from the range of market-leading technology platforms that we work with, to deliver brand-safe, high-performing campaigns.

And with device-aware algorithms, your message gets delivered to your audience in the context most relevant to your goals. Automated buying and selling of digital advertising sounds complex but its not when it’s wired right.

We’re here to help you deliver at scale.

Smarter programmatic advertising maximises your budget by making contact with people only at times when they are receptive to your message.


Transparency is the cornerstone of our partnership.

In fact, we need you to understand how your budget is being spent so it’s always aligned to your business objectives. This allows us to deliver the best programmatic solutions.

There are no hidden fees, and no media mark-ups.

Precise audience targeting

From broad campaigns to precise targeting, programmatic gives you flexibility.

Whether you need to find new customers, nurture existing relationships or inspire brand advocacy, you can accurately target your audience of one.

Based on their interests, demographics and behaviour, your ads accompany them on their buying journey, appearing at the right place at the best time.

We’ll go a step further to make sure your ads are being served only on relevant websites that meet the criteria we’ve defined to protect your brand.

Effective creative

From rich media and native ads to video advertising and standard display formats, you have plenty of options for getting your message across. But different types of content appeals to different types of people at different times of the day.

We’ll help you establish the best media mix for your audience, and will happily collaborate with your agencies and in-house teams to advise on best practice for creative execution.


With all the real-time data being gathered and analysed in the background, we are able to learn more about what resonates with people the most, the times when it works best, and real-time trends.

The algorithms we use cut through the clutter and dissect information faster and more accurately than a human ever could.

What you get as a result is continuous improvement and optimisation for your campaign.

Insights & reporting

To help you make decisions and do forward planning, you have full visibility of the process and can monitor your campaign as it progresses.

We provide reports based around how you like to work and the level of detail you want to engage with. These include a granular view of your budget spend and campaign measurements, analysis of what the data means and recommendations for the way forward.

"The team are on it all the time ... they make the process clear and understandable making our relationship even stronger"

Training & consultancy

Programmatic is complex, but not complicated. The more you know the better we can collaborate. Our Programmatic team is always sharing knowledge, we offer specialised training and consultancy for our clients’ teams to get them involved.

Get a free, no-commitment assessment from our programmatic display advertising pioneer

Dan Hughes, Head of Programmatic, Space & Time Media.

Hi, I’m Dan Hughes and I’ve been a programmatic specialist for over 10 years.
Why not contact me to have a chat about what a difference always-on programmatic approach can make to your business?

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