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Print Advertising

Appointment to view

With thousands of publications bought and millions spent in press, this medium is not the old tired dog that some would have you believe.

As one of the last few ‘appointment to view’ media it is distinct with a unique heritage and identity.

If the goal of your advertising campaign is to elicit response, putting something tangible into the hands of your target audience gives them time to comprehend your message and respond.

Be it a newspaper, magazine, direct mailer, leaflet drop or an insert, the physical presence of your campaign is likely to find room in your customer’s memory.


When a reader chooses a favourite print medium to spend some precious time reading, they form connections to the title in question. And perhaps owing to the tenure of the big names in print media, your campaign’s presence in established newspapers and magazines lends added credibility to your brand.


Relevance is key when it comes to inserts. We don’t believe in simply bombing doormats but rather finding the right mix of message and medium to trigger activation.

We can help you pick the right products that synergise with your brand, and ensure your brand message is delivered to customers at a time when they are most receptive. Finding the right time and place for a targeted call to action is the name of the game here.

Direct mail (DM)

Precision in audience targeting is not just limited to digital media, especially if you’re comparing to direct mailers. Our proprietary planning systems for direct mail are state of the art.

We work with clients to pick the smartest variables to define target audiences from geography, neighbourhood, type of car, income levels, number of children, lifestyle profile, property portfolio etc.

We can target any sector at scale, individualising copy and content to make it more personalised.

"Space & Time look out for press opportunities for us whilst being mindful that it needs to be the right price and fit for the brand"

Local teams

Big or small, your press buy with us is always treated the same. With a myriad of choices available we whittle it down to the right choice for your brand story.

We have a team of local experts at your disposal to make sure our strong background in local press is put to work for you. We have seen some great campaigns in our time and we leverage our local knowledge to make your campaign a success.

Established expertise

Whether it is display or classified advertising; advertorial, competitions and promotions; local, regional and national press; magazines; inserts – you name it, we have the experience to chart the winners.

Most importantly, our print pioneers are equipped with imagination to explore the possible and find that right print space for your brand story.

Data, data, data

Data is at the heart of finding the magic formula that helps you discover your ideal audience.

As you would expect from a leading media independent, we track the moving numbers that reflect popularity and sustainability in a world where there is inherent decline.

With access to established audience measurement tools, we stay on top of the numbers that reflect audience choice.

Our end-to-end data service can also help you to profile, segment and enrich your own consumer data or get a better understanding of your target audience.

With the best research and a good action plan, we can help pinpoint the right title and route to market.

Powerful partnerships

When booking with us you get the benefit of our PPA and DMA accreditation. This means we have guaranteed terms of business in place with all major publishers. We take on the risk so you don’t have to, and pass favourable rates your way.

Our varied longstanding relationships with a wide spectrum of publishers serve us well when it comes to dialling up a deal made for you. Adhering to the strict PPA guidelines we also provide that ‘safe pair of hands’ when it comes to dealing with publishers, both large and small.

We take pride in our publisher relationships and research, pinpointing exactly the right titles for a given brief, buying at the right rate and then negotiating additional benefits such as guaranteed premium positions, free editorial or online inventory.

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