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Email marketing

What we do

The name of the game is resonance

Nothing beats an email if it’s the right message for the right person at the right moment. That’s because eliciting a favourable response through such a direct communication channel just happens to be a beautiful blend of art and science.

Our email pioneers plan the campaign so we have your target audience in mind before building the winning email strategy.

Data, segmentation and targeting

We make full use of our suppliers’ tools to consider the pros and cons of an email marketing proposition before defining it in terms of the target audience.

Our team acts as custodians of your email outbound activity, working closely with our suppliers, sourcing the right data at the right price.

When you have access to high-quality, first-party data, you hold the key to successful email marketing campaigns.

Audience insights allow you to segment and break down your email list data into niche audiences. These segments can then be targeted in different ways using dynamic content.

Campaign design and messaging

Email marketing is an advanced form of brand storytelling where every email must focus on one key message. From the subject line to the template design, our team supports the collective effort to clearly communicate the value to the recipient.

We only ever want to send out an email to someone when it is truly helpful to them. This means the messaging crafted is not only delivered on a timely basis but that it is actually relevant.

This is achieved in part by incorporating dynamic content to ensure only information that matches a reader’s data profile and behaviour is being delivered to them. This includes visually compelling design templates that entices readers to engage with the email content.

Testing and refining is standard practice for good campaign management and we work with you to advise and guide on the best practice based on industry benchmarks.

Measuring performance

Open rates, click-rates, site traffic, conversions, spam complaints we’ve got it all covered. We don’t want to side-track you with unnecessary statistics and figures. Our team have full knowledge of all the metrics in the game and report the KPIs that define email success for you.

"Space & Time focus on ROI and reporting, constantly refining to achieve this for us"

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