Search Engine Optimisation

These are not the Search Terms you are looking for?


To drive more visitors to your online business you need to be aware of how people will search and find what you offer and how you can differentiate your business from the competition.

Understanding searcher intent is an essential part of search marketing and optimising any website to attract a relevant audience. Unless your site is appearing for the right search phrases you will end up with higher bounce rates, less conversions and falling search […]

Warning! Will your brand .sucks in the future?

Over the past year there has been a large number domain extension names released, but in June this year .sucks and .fail, will join the already released more adult themed ones .xxx and .porn.

Brands should be aware of these, protect themselves and probably insure they don’t fall into the wrong hands when they go on release to the general public in a few months’ time.

Who might want them? Very probably it will be unhappy, […]

SEO? Why you use an expert for Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engines have taken over our lives, the online world has sucked us in and many of us find it impossible to carry out our daily lives without being somehow connected. We use the internet and search engines to find out all sorts of information, to purchase our products and services, play games, read news, diagnose an illness, book our holidays, speak to our friends … and even order a meal. The internet and […]

The Battle of the Search Engine Share Has Begun

The Search Engine Battle
The past few weeks has seen the biggest Search Engine battle in at least a decade. Firefox dropped Google replacing it with Yahoo which was originally going to shut its doors to the world this month due to poor visitor figures, lucky enough for them the collaboration with Firefox has seen the largest number of visitors in just two weeks with Yahoo stealing a rather large proportion of visitors away from […]