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#Instagood News for Digital Advertising

It’s been in Beta testing for some time now, but the vast majority of agencies have had to resign themselves to living in eager anticipation… until now!

That’s right. Instagram have just opened up their platform to advertisers on a self-serve basis. Starting this month, advertisers big and small are able to run campaigns on Instagram, and ads will be launching in markets globally on 30th September.

#ThrowbackThursday: Ads Under Fire

As a Facebook-owned platform, Instagram ads […]

Google Partners AllStars Summit 2015, Mountain View California

We had the absolute privilege of attending the Google Partners AllStars Summit last week in sunny Mountain View California!
Our place was secured on this exclusive event thanks to Space & Time winning Google’s recent ‘Ready To Rock’ competition – which rewarded our hard work and dedication to client growth, best practice and innovation.
We were joined on the 3 day conference by other winning agencies across the globe, and enjoyed networking with them, chewing the […]

Space and Time at the inaugural Drum Search Awards

New for 2015, the Drum Search Awards have been introduced “to recognise and reward the most innovative, creative and effective search campaigns and strategies across both PPC and SEO”. Whilst the well-established Drum Marketing awards embrace digital, these new Search-specific awards aim to showcase the very best examples from our often under-celebrated industry.

The great successes we have seen from our work with clients such as Cophall Parking Gatwick and The Tattoo Shop made choosing […]

SEO? Why you use an expert for Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engines have taken over our lives, the online world has sucked us in and many of us find it impossible to carry out our daily lives without being somehow connected. We use the internet and search engines to find out all sorts of information, to purchase our products and services, play games, read news, diagnose an illness, book our holidays, speak to our friends … and even order a meal. The internet and […]

The Battle of the Search Engine Share Has Begun

The Search Engine Battle
The past few weeks has seen the biggest Search Engine battle in at least a decade. Firefox dropped Google replacing it with Yahoo which was originally going to shut its doors to the world this month due to poor visitor figures, lucky enough for them the collaboration with Firefox has seen the largest number of visitors in just two weeks with Yahoo stealing a rather large proportion of visitors away from […]

Google Manchester Event

The Space and Time Manchester PPC team were some of the lucky ones (well deservedly so, of course) to be invited to the Google event that took place in Manchester on 30th September – the fifth of its kind being held in the North West. Our team and hundreds of other like-minded digital marketers and enthusiasts found their way to the Old Trafford Cricket Ground where the event was hosted, looking forward to an […]

Breaking News: Instagram begins advertising in the UK

Today marks the launch of advertising on Instagram in the UK.

7 well known brands will be the first to roll out advertising on the social media platform, and include well known names such as:

Starbucks, Cadbury, Channel 4, Rimmel, Estee Lauder, Sony Music and Waitrose

The photo sharing platform, which was bought by Facebook in April 2012, now has more than 200 million users worldwide, and is now seeking ways in which to monetise it’s […]

Google Mobile Insight on Property Search Marketing

As a Google Partner Agency and their UK go-to agency for the property industry we are regularly privy to some extremely interesting industry-specific insight. At a recent presentation our search team were shown some interesting figures concerning recent trends among property related keywords.

A central theme was the rapid and sustained growth of mobile searches, with Q1 2014 mobile property-related searches up 67% year on year while desktop searches actually shrank by 8%. As well […]

Google's 46 Mobile Web Design Principles

Last week we had a really interesting session with one of our clients and a Mobile Specialist at Google’s office in central London. The session analysed the performance of our client’s site on mobile devices.

Mobile traffic for our client accounts for 51% of their total web traffic, so it is vital that their mobile site is as good as possible for the job they want it to do for them – generate leads.  


Mobile […]

Search Evolved with #Hashtags

Searching with Hashtags:
People love a good hashtag; it is used on all the major platforms (Google+, Facebook and Twitter) to allow you to search for conversations and topics you may be interested in. At Space & Time we like to explore the future of search and social media.

Using hashtags for searching could be a game changer. In 2009 Google introduced “Real Time Search” which included information from the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Blogs. Below is […]