Ongoing Paid Search

The Brief

The Tattoo Shop has been supplying a complete range of tattoo equipment to professionals and studios around the UK and Europe for over 20 years.

Following limited success with Google AdWords and Analytics, we were tasked with promoting the UK website to improve sales by delivering an ROAS of £5:1.

Success led to initiating PPC activity for France, where we focused on increasing sales and maximising the Return on Ad Spend.

With great results, the brief was again expanded to manage AdWords accounts for the German, Spanish and Italian Tattoo Shop websites to continue the positive PPC outcomes.

The Solution

Working closely with the client we started by fixing Analytics tagging issues and properly implemented eCommerce tracking to accurately show how AdWords investment was translating into sales.

Optimising ad campaigns by creating ad variations, split testing and implementing extensions, identified key product groups to promote and deliver a return. With measured success more products were then advertised.

Creating a custom spreadsheet, meant the client was able to run a Google Shopping campaign. By setting up Remarketing for Display and Search, they began to recapture non converting traffic. More recently has seen the implementation of RLSA for Shopping.

Being a UK company, we expected lower conversion rates for the European markets. So for the French, German, Spanish and Italian AdWords accounts, we focused on promoting high-margin products and by again breaking down all campaigns, we were able to serve the most specific ad copy, having total transparency and control over keywords.

Using insights from UK AdWords activity, we mirrored the account and campaign structure, translated the keywords and ad copy messages that worked best and enhanced the campaigns with sitelink and callout extensions to refine activity towards the individual needs of each market.

After setting up Remarketing for Display and Search in the French PPC account, we moved to Google Shopping to further increase the ROAS. Once this proves a worthwhile route, it will be rolled out across all European accounts.

The Result

With the new campaign structures and tracking we have been able to report accurately on ROAS and the revenue each campaign generates. The client is able to see exactly which product groups perform well and how effective the campaigns are.

Over the last 18 months, the client has increased their monthly spend by 120% and we have consistently achieved their £5:1 ROAS. In our best month we achieved a £10.37:1 ROAS, doubling the target we were set.

The France targeted website has also exceeded the client’s expectations. A strong ROAS remained stable as we gradually grew the account, building in new products and Remarketing Display activity with increased spend over the months.

In Germany the website has seen very similar results, with the PPC accounts targeting the Italian and Spanish markets still in the early stages. However, after optimising the campaigns we have already seen huge improvements and are generating a positive ROAS on these campaigns too.

Across all websites the Tattoo Shop are investing 790% more per month now than in their first month and are seeing a massive return from it.

This project has given us invaluable insights in to the diverse requirements of different European markets, with different, rather specialised keyword sets and completely different bidding strategies required in different regions. We have learnt it is very much about analysing and understanding the individual market so as to refine and find the right balance to grow the account.

Stephen HeapOwner - The Tattoo Shop

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