Improving brand visibility

The Brief

The Central London division of Taylor Wimpey targets a more affluent market and mainly builds luxury apartments in prime London locations.

We first started working with this branch of Taylor Wimpey in 2013 and with positive results leading to a growth in the account as a whole, Space and Time were asked to investigate potential foreign markets for the client.

After discussing several overseas locations that were viable test locations, the client followed our recommendations and Hong Kong and UAE were chosen for the purpose of the trial campaign.

After a successful three month trial where all client KPI’s were met, we were asked to look into creating a campaign to target the USA with New York as the focus. Again, another successful campaign led to an increase in budget and after two months, a further four campaigns were created to target Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Kuwait.

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The Solution

Our starting point for the campaign was to look at traffic data in the client’s Analytics account and devise a list of overseas markets where generating leads could develop into sales.

Looking for countries that had accrued over 100 visits with positive metrics in terms of bounce rate, pages viewed per session and most importantly, conversion rate, we established a top 10 delivering highly interested traffic likely to develop into solid sales.

This list was then cross referenced with the client’s own sales data to find the closest match in terms of a region that had great site metrics and existing sales. This produced UAE and Hong Kong as the initial test regions.

Once agreed we generated a KeyWord list to help achieve KPI’s and generate leads. Our focus was based around ‘London’ KeyWords, rather than more specific regional Keywords, to drive larger volumes of traffic to site.

Our own expertise and experience in the property sector helped to create the KeyWord list but we still had to carry out KeyWord research, adding more broader terms to allow for English not being the primary language for users carrying out the search.

We then set about writing copy to clearly highlight USP’s of the brand and our development level ReMarketing campaigns were expanded to include the additional countries to ensure that the users who showed a strong level of engagement with the brand, were given every opportunity to return to site and convert.

After the success of the initial campaigns, the same formula was used to replicate that success in other locations.

The Result

The campaigns are now an ongoing part of an overall PPC strategy and success has led to an increase in visibility and conversions in key foreign markets.

Over June 2015 – February 2016 the campaigns achieved:

  • UAE: 5.5% CTR, 34 Conversions, 12 Assisted Conversions, £61.94 Cost/Conv.
  • Hong Kong: 4.1% CTR, 32 Conversions, 32 Assisted Conversions, £39.71 Cost/Conv.
  • Ney York: 3.7% CTR, 19 Conversions, 3 Assisted Conversions, £58.73 Cost/Conv.
  • Bahrain: 7.8% CTR, 7 Conversions, 11 Assisted Conversions, £25.31 Cost/Conv.
  • Saudi Arabia: 8.1% CTR, 11 Conversions, 11 Assisted Conversions, £66.08 Cost/Conv
  • Malaysia: 4% CTR, 13 Conversions, 10 Assisted Conversions, £48.27 Cost/Conv
  • Kuwait: 8.4% CTR, 4 Conversions, 7 Assisted Conversions, £87.02 Cost/Conv.

Using Analytics data this has led to the following YoY increases:

  • UAE: Convs increased from 16 to 182, Sessions increased from 164 to 2,318
  • Hong Kong: Convs increased from 9 to 348, Conv. Rate increased from 4.4% to 15.9%, Sessions increased from 201 to 2,188.
  • New York: Convs increased from 1 to 85, Conv. Rate increased from 3.45% to 10.6%, Sessions increased from 29 to 795.
  • Bahrain: Convs increased from 2 to 60, Conv. Rate increased from 6% to 15.8%, Sessions increased from 33 to 379.
  • Saudi Arabia: Convs increased from 4 to 105, Conv. Rate increased from 6.1% to 7.4%, Sessions increased from 65 to 1,416.
  • Malaysia: Convs increased from 12 to 142, Sessions increased from 72 to 1,412.
  • Kuwait: Convs increased from 4 to 67, Conv. Rate increased from 4.8% to 10.3%, Sessions increased from 83 to 645.

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