Quality Formations PPC

The Brief

Quality Formations are an online company formation agent based in Covent Garden, London. They provide simple and affordable online company registration and a range of essential business services.

We had been running PPC campaigns for them for some time and mobile was becoming a major factor in our campaigns. Before the introduction of IF functions and Expanded Text Ads we were seeing good data being reported through Mobile on our accounts, and the capability of being able to create mobile specific adverts as well as desktop adverts played a huge role in improving our mobile presence. With the introduction of Expanded Text Ads, the flexibility of creating mobile specific adverts was taken away from us leaving us with no alternative but to run the same ad copy across all devices.

We were then made aware of IF functions. These allowed us to create adverts and/ or use our existing adverts and add in a snippet of code, allowing us to create ads with mobile specific text included within.

We spoke with the client and agreed that we would test IF functions initially and see how well they performed. The aim for using these was to see a demonstrable increase in the Click Through Rate to the website from mobile devices and, in turn, to increase the number of conversions made via mobile devices.

The Solution

We began to roll out IF functions at the start of March, implementing these in already existing ad copy; this ad copy was already proven to perform well and this gave us the confidence to continue running with this, with only a slight change required for mobile devices. We added a mixture of IF functions.

They were added to either the main description line of the advert or within the headline of the advert. Including wording such as ‘On Your Mobile Now’ for mobile devices would make users aware that they could purchase via their mobile device and would, in theory, increase our Click Through Rate and the number of conversions that we saw through mobile.

The Result

We started running IF functions at the start of March and tested these throughout the month. We then expanded our testing period for a further month to gain a better understanding of how well these functions worked.

We compared the data that we gathered throughout March and April to the 2 previous months of the year; January and February. We then looked at various metrics and reviewed this to see how well IF functions had performed.

  • We saw an increase in the Click Through Rate for April (10.84%) compared to January (8.03%) and February (8.05%)
  • There was a drop in the Average Cost Per Click for mobile devices for both March (£5.95) and April (£3.52) compared to January (£7.14) and February (£7.76)
  • Conversion Rate in March (3.92%) and April (4.50%) was up compared to the conversion rate that we saw in February (3.57%)

Campaign services: Broadcast Media, Online Display Advertising, Outdoor Media, Pay Per Click

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