Prospect Homes PPC

The Brief

When Prospect Homes came to us to discuss their ongoing PPC campaigns, the objectives were simple; increase conversions, brand visibility and traffic to the website.

Previously, their PPC campaigns were managed by another agency, but we decided to start afresh and build the campaigns from scratch. Prospect Homes works on the basis of a different microsite for each of their developments and the key was to rearrange their Analytics account and make sure that we were measuring every action in terms of visits and conversions. We then had to decide which actions were valuable to the client and could potentially lead to a conversion.

The ultimate goal was to generate leads at a lower cost per conversion than was previously achieved.

The campaigns were set live on the 2nd August 2017.

The Solution

Together with our Analytics team, we set up a new account through Google Tag Manager. This was created to take advantage of cross domain tracking and event tracking, specifically because each development has their own microsite. Cross domain tracking was vital as a user can move between different domains. Additionally, we set up separate views to be able to report on each development independently.

The most important actions that could lead to sales were agreed with the client and added as goals so we could measure the success of any PPC campaigns. We ensured that goals were set up to track across the different domains, tags were implemented and the development-specific PPC campaigns were created.

To stay ahead of the competition, search remarketing was implemented straight away and scripts were written to optimise bids and create search query reports. A different script was written to automatically change prices in the ad copy so that the correct prices would always be visible.

A different script was then added to check for URL errors, ensuring that we would not be advertising pages that did not work anymore or were temporarily unavailable.

Campaign negative keywords and placements were added to make sure we only showed up for relevant searches and our display ads only showed on relevant websites. Bid optimisers were implemented to increase bids for the areas closest to the developments. As mobile started to bring valuable traffic, bid optimisers were used on mobile devices as well. Ad scheduling was used to only advertise in the hours where users were most likely to convert.

When the use of ‘If’ statements became available, we incorporated these in to our expanded text ads to optimise ads for mobile searches. For display, custom audiences were created using Google Analytics data, capturing those users most likely to convert.

The Result

The date range used to compare the results was October 12th 2016 to March 12th 2017, against the same period from the previous year when the account was managed by a different agency:

  • For Search alone, impressions increased by 28.65% and clicks increased by 223.61%. The average click through rate increased from 2.36% to 5.93%
  • For Display, an average Click Through Rate of 0.24% was achieved. Display was not used in the previous year
  • The average cost per click increased to £0.35, but the average position was improved from 2.5 to 1.1
  • Total conversions came in at 646 compared to 7 in the previous year. The Cost per Conversion subsequently decreased by 94.28%, and conversion rate improved at 2545.46%
  • Search impression share was low at 33.70% but the monthly spend within these months increased by 79.01%. The search impression share the previous year was 15.20%
  • Click assisted conversions increased by 6000% and impression assisted conversions increased by 1488.89%
  • Over the 6 month campaign period, 17.77% of all visits came via Paid Search, generating 12.01% of all conversions on the website. Unfortunately, data from the previous period is unavailable
  • Bid modifiers on mobile visits – as well as the use of ‘If’ statements – generated an increase of 88% for mobile Click Through Rate. Most of the conversions for Prospect homes are generated through mobile visits and a conversion rate of 3.25% was achieved, compared to a conversion rate of 0.08% in the previous year
  • A 1st place bid strategy was implemented to boost keywords that were highly likely to convert. This resulted in a click through rate that was 5.9% higher than the account average. Cost Per Click was 21.82% lower than average, and the Cost Per Conversion was 44.37% lower. A bid strategy was not used in the previous year
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads resulted in a Click Through Rate of 7.45%, with a 16.36% lower average Cost per Click. RLSA was not used in the previous year

Campaign services: Broadcast Media, Online Display Advertising, Outdoor Media, Pay Per Click

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