Christmas 2015

The Brief

Christmas is always a quiet time for new homes developers. Consumers wait until Christmas is ‘out of the way’ before committing to moving home and sales frequently fall in the months of November and December.

Linden Homes South West asked us to craft a campaign that would challenge the consumer mind-set and ultimately deliver a marked increase in sales in time for the half year deadline of 24th December.

We were briefed to plan the campaign with a media budget of £15,000 and given that over 50% of sales from the previous year had come via the website, we agreed the approach would need to be digitally led.

Ultimately, the campaign needed to drive sales to increase revenue and profits as well as increase awareness of the Linden Homes brand.

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The Solution

Knowing the budget and emphasis on driving response, we recommended the client stick with tried and tested media channels, exploring suitability via their analytics platform (Infinity Tracking) to determine which channels had succeeded previously and should be used to promote the new mortgage paid message.

We decided Facebook ads, email campaigns to property portal databases and their own database of prospects along with pay per click advertising, would be the best means of achieving the objectives.

With existing customers typically being older, more traditional and living in rural communities, we assigned some budget to offline media channels.

Our recommendation was to launch the campaign in November, running until the second week in December. For consistency, the incentive and campaign logo would run across all owned, earned and paid for media assets and run across all live housing developments.

The Result

This campaign delivered exceptional results. We knew that to change a consumer’s mind-set we needed to get them to the website where they would see the homes that were available for immediate occupation.

Although the number of web visits was down 5% YOY, the number of goals was up by 40%. Other website metrics also indicated success with the number of inbound phone calls up 102% compared to the same period the previous year.

Our PPC efforts were a stand out success. Over the campaign period we achieved 235 goals, a YOY increase of 235%. As the increase coincided with the campaign period, we concluded this was a result of our target market seeing our Facebook, press, and email campaigns and reacting.

Sales increased by 30% and we estimated the return on advertising investment to be 1.4.

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