Flexi Labels PPC Success

The Brief

Flexi Labels sell a range of plain or printed A4 sheet labels in various shapes and sizes and sell packages from as few as 10 A4 sheets to over 50,000 A4 Sheets.

The client had been managing their own PPC activity but with a growing business and limited time, they appointed Space & Time to take over the account and incorporate in a shopping campaign.

There were no specific targets set, so we decided to focus on increasing online conversions and maximising the return on ad spend.

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The Solution

When we took over Flexi Label’s PPC account we worked with the client to decide which types of labels to promote with the budget available and created a new account structure that would be easily manageable.

Ad groups were created to serve the most relevant ads whilst also maintaining control over the keywords we were targeting.

As a next step, we set up a shopping campaign and a remarketing campaign to retarget visitors who had not previously converted.  Sitelink, call, and call-out extensions were added to the account to make the ads as relevant as possible and to maximise the space ads occupied on the search engine result page.

At the same time a smaller Bing budget was created to start promoting the client in Bing search results.

The Result

Since stepping in, there has been a continuous increase in converted clicks and we are generating a lower cost per conversion. We have seen up to a 144% increase in converted clicks and a decrease in cost per conversion of 51%.

These achievements are not solely due to PPC optimisation but also because of the effort Flexi Labels has put in to optimise their website and services.

Due to the success of the PPC campaigns and the continuous optimisation of the PPC account, the client has decided to invest more heavily in PPC to increase market share and generate even more conversions and revenue.

Assad GIlani Business Developer - Flexi Labels

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