Fairview New Homes PPC

The Brief

Fairview New Homes is a UK property developer that specialises in building developments of quality, enabling purchasers to realise their aspiration for home ownership. Based in Enfield, Fairview focus on the large scale transformation of brownfield sites and urban regeneration projects across London and the Home Counties.

After taking control of the PPC account in early 2015, Space and Time started introducing more PPC disciplines into the overall strategy with the aim of increasing overall brand awareness among consumers who may not have previously heard of Fairview.

At this point all the developments Fairview were advertising were already launched, so there was a mixture of lead generation and brand awareness campaigns.

Towards the end of 2015 – after month on month improvements to many of the main campaign KPIs – Fairview announced that they would be launching several new developments throughout 2016 and 2017. They wanted to investigate increased investment in online advertising and we were tasked with the creation of a bespoke online proposal for each of these new developments.

The objectives for this project were to drive users to the development website landing pages, to increase brand awareness and drive offline and online conversions (calls and form completions).

The Solution

As there were several developments located in different areas – each with a slightly different product – we had to create a tailored solution for each one and the idea of a “PPC Media Plan” was conceived.

Considering the client’s budget and combining both the creative assets available to us with the most appropriate PPC disciplines, we created individual, scheduled media plans for each development.

The PPC Media Plans typically started with Video and GDN campaigns in the first couple of months, driving lots of traffic to the website. Those users would then be added to a Remarketing list that we could use later for Display and Search Remarketing. We would then create Gmail campaigns using similar targeting criteria as the GDN, Search campaigns for users with immediate intent to buy a house and, finally, Display and Search Remarketing campaigns to close conversions from those who had not previously enquired. Search and Remarketing were used for each development post-launch to encourage conversions after plots were on sale to the public.

The Result

We achieved the client’s goals of driving traffic to the development landing pages and generating conversions from the agreed goals.

However, when we looked at the account from a year on year perspective, we achieved phenomenal performance figures in 2016 after we started using the new PPC Media Plans, compared to 2015 when we didn’t.

The most impressive year on year KPIs were as follows::

  • In 2016, clicks to the website increased by 302% compared to 2015.
  • In 2016, conversions increased by 145% compared to 2015.
  • In 2016, search impression share more than doubled to 69% from 31% in 2015.
  • In 2016, average CPC decreased by 12% compared to 2015.
  • In 2016, lost impression share due to rank improved by 3% compared to 2015.

These figures demonstrate that Fairview New Homes not only achieved their goals from the project, but that there were many secondary benefits to their business from this activity.

Their search impression share (market share) increased dramatically year on year and they received the added bonus of a lower CPC and a lower lost impression share due to rank. They gained more clicks, more conversions and their online presence grew remarkably as a direct result of running Space and Time’s PPC Media Plan-inspired campaigns.

Campaign services: Broadcast Media, Online Display Advertising, Outdoor Media, Pay Per Click

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