Ongoing Paid Search

The Brief

With marketing campaigns for both holidays and sales directing users to one site, negative usability issues were having a direct impact on conversion rates.

Two fully responsive websites would be required to ensure both sales and holidays were receiving relevant traffic and achieving relevant goals which could be tracked correctly to allow the effective optimisation of both campaigns.

Separate AdWords accounts would be needed to build new campaigns and to gain more control over budgets.

In agreement with the client, the budget was flexible so we looked to adjust the budgets when other online or offline media was in place.

With a new websites in place, the main objective was to reduce the cost per conversion from on average £100 to £50 for both accounts.

We also looked to improve quality of traffic to the websites by increasing the CTR.

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The Solution

At the start of 2015, two new fully response websites were built, one for sales and the other for holidays. We worked closely with the web developers to ensure all relevant goals were tracked correctly to allow us to optimise the campaigns effectively.

For the holidays account we utilised the search query report to establish new campaigns to improve relevancy and conversions.

New campaigns were introduced around different themes such as Hot Tubs, Pet Friendly and Family. With highly relevant Adcopy and extensions, we also looked to have more relevant landing pages within the new website. Plus using Google Analytics data we discovered user activity was at its peak the month prior to the month they were searching for. With this knowledge, we looked to create a campaign that focused on search terms that contained a particular month.

In the Sales account, we used a combination of remarketing and in-market targeting. By monitoring the age, gender and parent we were able to identify key demographics and created specific AdGroups.

The Result

  • For the sales account, conversions for display activity increased from 45 to 102 and the cost per conversion almost halved from £407.03 to £215.00.
  • The overall cost per conversion for search reduced by 53% from £93.19 to £43.59
  • The new holidays account in 2015 has a cost per conversion of £56.32 and the click through rate (CTR) is over 10%.
  • By introducing new search campaigns around different themes there were an additional 172 conversions in 2015.

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