Ongoing Paid Social

The Brief

Airo Sportswear is an online retailer selling a wide range of customisable sports clothing.

In this case, the client was already seeing some success marketing their products through Facebook but recognised the benefits of channelling time and resources to gaining additional expertise and support from our social team.

Airo Sportswear shirt photo

The Solution

Our first action was to implement conversion tracking to optimise performance towards checkout and accurately report the value of our advertising efforts. This enabled us to amend targeting and client creative in line with relevant performance.

We were also able to create audiences from those who navigated to certain parts of the conversion funnel, (e.g. those who added items to the shopping cart but failed to convert) and retarget them with refreshed adverts.

We knew that central to success was building a wide range of different audiences and split-testing different product ranges with target groups. The in-house design team at Airo Sportswear provided graphics of their products, grouped in arrangements might appeal to a particular audience and we used these to learn from and refine the campaign where needed.

Close monitoring of the results allowed us to pause activity that was less successful and concentrate budget on products and audiences that yielded the strongest response, shepherding the available budget into the lowest ROAS possible.

The Result

The response rate to this approach has been remarkable. Leading up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup, we saw ROAS peak at nearly £12. Averaged across the period worked on the account, the ROAS figure has averaged £7.79 which is higher than our projected ROAS of £5-£6.

The KPIs set for cost per conversion was up to £8/checkout and this campaign saw us achieve £4.91 / checkout.

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