Analytics, Insights and Data

Analytics, insights and data

Google Analytics is a powerful tool which, when used correctly, can deliver fascinating and extremely useful insights into how your business is performing online.

The crunching of data is central to everything we do at Space and Time; with the proliferation of affordable and reliable tracking tools, the days of book and hope are dead. Instead we make sure that we know everything we can before channels are selected, we define who we want to speak to and how best to do it, and we agree what a good response looks like and how we’re going to measure it.

We work with a range of tools to understand the value gleaned from each piece of on and off-line marketing activity. That could be as simple as counting all the calls to a tracked number in the Derby Telegraph, or something more advanced like serving dynamic on-line telephone numbers using Response Tap or Infinity, or even drilling into regression metrics with our own SONAR tool. All of this is folded in with more traditional ways of understanding efficacy, such as an in-depth interrogation of Google Analytics or harnessing the feedback of the sales force on the ground.

Putting such an emphasis on the power of data allows us to tell our clients what works and what doesn’t; to troubleshoot data discrepancies and highlight actionable insights, and ultimately to improve response rates at the campaign level. Your ultimate goal as an advertiser is to reach more people for less money. Our detailed and nuanced examination of the available data will help you to achieve this by prioritising your investment and optimising your whole marketing strategy.

Analytics, Insights and Data Services

Space and Time’s Google Analytics and Insights services include:

  • Google analytics health check
  • Google analytics account setup
  • Google analytics training and consultancy
  • Data insight, analysis and reporting

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