Lyle Kercher

Lyle Kercher

Senior Account Director


01737 226 100 ext. 438

What I enjoy most about working at Space & Time…
As clichéd as it may sound, the people are what I’ve enjoyed most about working here since I joined. Knowledgeable, passionate about their work, friendly and fun!

Away from the office you can find me…
Mostly enjoying family time at home these days and entertaining my son. When I have the chance I like to get out for a run or game of football. I just about still follow Everton’s results – for better or worse.

Favourite food…
Probably a toss-up between a good steak or curry.

Favourite song…
‘Money for Nothing’ – Dire Straits.

Favourite film…
Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Favourite ever ad campaign… (and why)
No ad has struck me as much as seeing Guinness ‘Surfer’ the first time, in a cinema. Jaw-dropping imagery and poetic narration – all sound-tracked by Leftfield’s ominously-building, looped intro – created something truly memorable and rightly award-winning.

Favourite brand… (and why)
Despite the knocks it has taken in recent years I would have to say the BBC is a brand which I find I value and most regularly engage with. No-one does natural history, live TV or audio event coverage of sport and music as well as the BBC. For me, its output across TV, radio and online epitomises the quality standards and expectations a true brand conveys.

Favourite tech/gadget…
It’s hard to see past my iPhone but in the interests of variety I’ll go with my coffee machine.

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