Laura Mouratsing

Laura Mouratsing

Senior Strategic Media Planner Buyer


01737 226100 ext 405

What I enjoy most about working at Space & Time…

Flexibility and freedom: Every day is different, one day I might be the Reigate office doing a brainstorm with the team, the next I may be meeting a supplier in London, out seeing a client on the south coast or at a conference in Birmingham

Away from the office you can find me…

Playing netball or watching any sport

Favourite food…

Ham, Egg and Chips

Favourite song…

If ever I stray by Frank Turner

Favourite film…

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favourite ever ad campaign…(and why)…

Google’s “say it to get it” campaign

Google ran a real time, destination specific Digital Out of Home campaign to promote Google Voice – the voice activated search tool for mobiles. The campaign played on regional accents and phonetically spelt various pronunciations of the same word.

The activity ran across Rail stations with copy tied to the destination of the next departing train.

A really clever way to demonstrate Google Voice’s activation software which understands anyone from anywhere regardless of accent and you could see people on the platforms saying the words on the ads and the realisation on their faces when they got the message.

 Favourite brand…(and why) …


It’s made holidays so much more personal and naturally as a planner I love planning a unique holiday that feels more like we have handpicked what we want without it being expensive. You get to know a place way more than if you stay in a hotel and Airbnb have made booking this so easy it doesn’t feel like a hassle.

Favourite tech/gadget…

Honeywell Evohome,

It’s a heating system which not only we can control different temperatures but it links up to anything we like. Currently we have the heating in our basement come on in time for when Southampton Football Club are playing on TV automatically as it is synced up to the TV schedules meaning we can watch it on a big screen down there and not be cold!

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