Emily Ribeiro

Emily Ribeiro

PPC Specialist


0161 706 1234 ext 619

What I enjoy most about working at Space & Time…
The team in here Manchester, it’s a great place to work.

Away from the office you can find me…
Helping at the coffee shop my husband and I own, or visiting other coffee shops! Oh, and attempting to redecorate our new house.

Favourite food…
Easy. Sunday roast.

Favourite song…
I love Beyonce, I can’t choose one song though!

Favourite film…
Again, I can’t choose. Here’s a top 3; The Little Mermaid, Grease, Moulin Rouge

Favourite ever ad campaign…(and why)
McVitie’s – kittens and chocolate biscuits!

Favourite brand…(and why)
I love the Innocent Drinks branding. It’s colourful, simple, quirky and their Twitter account is brilliant.

Favourite tech/gadget…
Everyone has said their iPhone so I’m trying to think of something else but I can’t. I literally don’t know how I’d manage without it.

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