David Pool

David Pool

Senior Digital Strategist


01737 226100 ext. 437

What I enjoy most about working at Space & Time…
Coming from client side to agency side, I’m thoroughly enjoying working on such a large variety of different campaigns and clients. From B2B and B2C – no one day is the same. I’m also working alongside some incredibly talented people. I’m learning something new every day.

Away from the office you can find me…
Either at the cinema with a huge popcorn or chilling in the garden whilst listening to music and eating a BBQ with my friends and family.

Favourite food…
Steak (medium rare), chunky chips, beer battered onion rings, mini corn on the cob, Jack Daniels glaze – perfect!

Favourite song…
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli

Favourite film…
I have two which I can’t decide on… Saving Private Ryan or Shawshank Redemption. Both I have watched over and over.

Favourite ever ad campaign… (and why)
Again, I have two… The Dollar Shave Club “Our Blades Are F**king Great” YouTube video and Blendtec’s “Will it blend” YouTube video series. Both fantastic examples of viral marketing done right. Original, innovative, funny and creative. In the first three months after Dollar Shave Club posted the video on YouTube, it racked up 4.75 million views. And since 2006, Blendtec’s Founder Tom Dickson has starred in more than 140 videos that have a combined 256 million views on YouTube. Not too shabby viewing figures there!

Favourite brand… (and why)
Uniqlo – I’ve been a loyal customer for years. I love the fact that they get the basics right. Great quality clothing at a reasonable price. I won’t buy my t-shirts, shirts and jumpers from anywhere else…. ever.

Favourite tech/gadget…
The TV. Couldn’t live without one. Just love my films too much.

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