Sending out an SMS

With the recent removal of SMS marketing from our Refreshed Direct data offering, we thought it’d be a good time to investigate what has caused the walls to close in on this method of marketing.

In reality it’s the age old story of a few bad eggs spoiling it for the rest of us. The SMS campaigns fulfilled by Refreshed Direct have always been very successful for our clients – to the extent that we […]

Google Partners Event

In the ever-changing world of Google it’s important to keep up to date with new innovations and advancements. Google Partners events are held to allow agencies and marketers to be educated on new products and initiatives, take part in training sessions and discussions as well as network and meet Google account strategists. As a Google Partner Agency the Manchester PPC team were invited to attend the most recent Google Partners event.The event was held […]

Google's 46 Mobile Web Design Principles

Last week we had a really interesting session with one of our clients and a Mobile Specialist at Google’s office in central London. The session analysed the performance of our client’s site on mobile devices.Mobile traffic for our client accounts for 51% of their total web traffic, so it is vital that their mobile site is as good as possible for the job they want it to do for them – generate leads.Google presented […]