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A day in Dublin at Facebook HQ

Getting to ‘jet off’ to Dublin to attend the 2017 Facebook Agency day was a great experience for myself and my co-jetter David, hereby known in the blog by his nickname ‘Pooly’, as evidenced by the poorly-taken photo below:

Arriving in Dublin at Facebook HQ

We arrived on the Wednesday evening to be greeted by a very talkative cab-driver, who happened to tell us his opinion on every political agenda currently taking place in the world, […]

Connected Marketing

Fresh from two days spent listening to some insightful talks and mixing with the global travel industry’s deal-makers at London’s World Travel Market (WTM), I was perhaps ready-primed when I heard a spot on the radio for Thomson, the UK’s biggest travel company, who have now rebranded to ‘TUI’. Working in advertising, every so often we see an ad campaign, a visual or perhaps just a slogan that we wish we’d come up with […]

Is your data telling a story worth capturing?

Every search, click, share, comment and swipe is invaluable in telling us something about your customers.

Data is increasingly available to help refine ‘always-on’ marketing activities across the lifecycle of any customer journey. Tracking our customers across all available touchpoints means we can use data signals to enrich future customer experiences, encourage them to return, or allow us to identify and mine similar audiences. With information being collected from an ever-growing number of connected devices and […]

Space and Time Media Creates Comms Role


For the first time in its seventeen-year history, media independent Space and Time Media has created an in-house marketing role. Designed to develop the agency’s offering to potential new clients, the position also has responsibility for internal communications and formalising training and development for its 84-strong team across five UK office locations.

The new position has been filled by IDM marketing evangelist Lesley Hickmott, whose experience spans consultancy, client-side work and an extensive media […]

Space and Time Media Continues to Grow with Four Senior Appointments

Space and Time Media continues to grow apace with the creation of three further senior positions across its network of offices and the appointment of a new main board Director.

Laura Mouratsing joins Space and Time having previously worked with out-of-home specialist Kinetic Worldwide, where she was imbedded in the Mindshare business and worked across a number of brands including Ford, Tesco, Vodafone and Warner Bros. Laura will spend much of her time between the […]

Blogger Outreach – Mustela Case Study

The power to publish is distributed with abandon across the modern digital space; today’s digital natives have never known a world wherein the capacity to share knowledge and opinion is controlled en masse by newspaper magnates or broadcasting groups. Over the last couple of decades there has instead been a shift in focus, with the emerging heights of the communications industry interested solely in providing a platform that allows user-generated content to flourish, and […]

When the portal isn’t the marketplace: overused first-party data and the function of the media agency in a vertical market

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a media owner in possession of a targeted, opted in and responsive audience must be in want of your cash. And if that audience is finite, as most are, and if ambitions for revenue growth are not, as most are not, then it follows that the same audience will be leveraged in several different ways. Understandably, this will suit the commercial interests of the media owner but […]

Space and Time Media – Autumn Budget Update

As by now you might well expect, we’ve had a brief look at how today’s Autumn Statement might impact on our property clients’ business.

These are the key points as we see them…

UK plc is forecast to achieve 2.1% growth during 2016 and 1.4% during 2017. The former is higher than anticipated in March of this year, but the latter is a significant reduction on the previous OBR figure of 2.2%, which the Chancellor […]

Appy Mums (and how to reach them)

Millennials have recently become one of the largest social demographics in the world – overtaking baby boomers – and are expected to make up half the global workforce by 2020.

Women aged 18-34 now make up the majority (75%) of new mums. Having grown up online, this audience is very familiar with rapidly evolving forms of technology and communication, and is constantly connected to an increasing number of devices. Like many in their peer group, […]

(I Lied About Being) The Outdoor Type

Hopefully the slightly cryptic – and more-than-slightly tenuous – title of this post will lead you to seek out the song of the same name (by Australian band Smudge). Then again, perhaps you’re not really interested in self-deprecating and bittersweet paeans to the things people will do for love so, in that case, please do read on to find out more about the future of Digital Out of Home (or OOH, as I prefer […]