Can Travel Brands Excel at Influencer Marketing?

The travel industry is renowned for being at the cutting edge of social media marketing trends, including influencer marketing. When attending the World Travel Market conference recently I was especially interested in how influencer marketing has become such a major theme within the sector and how travel brands are using influencers to drive engagement in their marketing campaigns.

But who exactly are these ‘influencers’? We’ve all seen them. Individuals jetting off into the sunshine, broadcasting […]

Have you spotted this new Facebook feature?

While optimising one of my clients’ Facebook campaigns yesterday afternoon I chanced upon what appeared to be a brand new feature.

On the face of it, it looks like a 5-point grading system to help better understand your targeting options but, as with all new Facebook features, my first point of call was to scan the website for any blog updates. I couldn’t find any. Even Facebook advertising guru Jon Loomer hasn’t mentioned it (from what I […]

It's More than a Feeling: Facebook Reactions roll out globally!

If you’ve checked Facebook within the past couple of hours, you will have noticed that people are expressing the heck out of themselves on Newsfeed posts… visually speaking, that is.

This is because Facebook Reactions have officially been rolled out, giving users 6 new ways (including the classic ‘Like’) to show just how they feel about what friends and brands are putting out there.

As you can see below these are accessible on sponsored posts as well, which means […]

Facebook Advertising: Flash Update

With Facebook having just announced a 52% increase in their fourth quarter profits since last year, it seems like as good a time as any to highlight some of the latest developments that we’re really excited about here at Space and Time.
Lead Generation
Facebook Lead Generation ads rolled out to all advertisers a few months back, and we’ve had a good chance to test this piece of ad tech across a range of clients in various […]

Dublin Calling: Facebook Agency Bootcamp – What We Learnt

Over the past few years we’ve built a strong relationship with our Partner Manager at Facebook, and this continues to prove invaluable in exposing our Social Team to the latest product updates, beta tests and invitations to various seminars and events. A prime example of this was the Facebook Agency Bootcamp that we attended last week at the EMEA Headquarters in Dublin. Approximately 170 people attended, representing 80 agencies across Europe, the Middle East […]

Will Facebook users ‘Dislike’ my brand?

Mark Zuckerberg this week announced the roll out of a ‘Dislike’ button to complement the ’Like’ button on Facebook which is pressed billions of times a day! In Mark’s view it is there for those users who wish to empathise with the sort of sad or compassionate post for which a ‘like’ might be inappropriate. But what will it mean for the thousands of brands using Facebook?

Perhaps the first thing to stress is that […]

21st Century Pop Music Promotion: The Times They Are A Changin’

Since music went digital the charts haven’t felt the same. No more sitting around waiting to find out who is number one on a Sunday afternoon, finger hovering over the record button on your Casette deck; music grand theft auto of the 90s. Nostalgia aside, things have actually improved and new music could not be more accessible. Not only is it easier and cheaper to consume pop music, the promotional strategies employed by artists […]

Could the Facebook Ad Exchange be a real game changer?

It will be of no surprise to those deeply entrenched in all things social media, that Facebook has filed a patent that suggests it is building an ad exchange that harnesses its own social data to serve ads and, interestingly, content

(paid-for news articles or videos, otherwise known as native advertising) on sites beyond the social network’s own platform.

The patent application, which was published last Thursday, details an ad exchange that combines an advertiser’s data with […]

A Trio of New Treats to Tantalise your Facebook Target Audience

Gone are the days when it took a few years of inadequate inquisitiveness to be rendered ‘out of the loop’ in the media world. Now a trip to the south of France and a couple of weeks of ignoring your RSS feed, and you may as well consider yourself the mini-disc of digital advertising.

At Space and Time we don’t take holidays. Emails from home get lost in the barrage of Google Alerts, all containing […]

Top 30 UK House Builders Social Media Round-up 2014

Social Media Top 30 UK House Builders December 2014 figures are in and it’s time to see who ended the year with the most fans across several platforms. This unique survey is put together by Space & Time Media, the UK’s largest property media agency every month and if you wish to learn the detail of this quick summary please contact Hello@SpaceAndTime.co.uk.

New to the top position from third last year is McCarthy & Stone, […]