Losing a pinky and paying with a smile: IAB Digital Britain 2018

With sustained volatility in the marketplace, GDPR looming and no evidence that disruption from new tech is likely to abate any time soon, this year’s IAB Digital Britain Conference was always going to be an interesting day. Convened to curate thought leadership regarding the state of our digital nation and its impact on the wider advertising sector, these events unfailingly offer a compelling mix of innovative agency case studies and thought-provoking media owner research.

As […]

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and why should you do it?

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and why should you do it?

Even though CRO should really be an integral part of every website’s digital strategy it is often overlooked. Wrongfully so as CRO is a great way to gain additional value from your hard-earned website traffic as it takes the traffic you’re already achieving and helps extract the best value from it.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

CRO is the process of optimising your website to […]

The Value of Attribution in 2018

With the ever-increasing availability of granular detail about what customers buy, do, believe and say about their preferred brands, 2018 will be a tipping point. The year in which a greater volume of advertisers recognise that the value of the data they hold is greater than a simple understanding of which channel will sell most widgets.

Make sense of data already being collected

Two of the wettest names in this deluge of enriched data are […]

Be prepared for ‘data privacy backlash’ in 2018

News reports last week include some problematic stories for the media industry. ‘Advertisers use Google phone apps to eavesdrop on TV viewers’, The Independent and ‘Hundreds of smartphone apps are monitoring users through their microphones’ The Independent. Or perhaps most worryingly, ‘Some mobile games are listening to what children watch’ Engadget.

The original source of this troubling news item is a recent New York Times story, concerning American software company Alphonso whose solution is used […]

Getting to Grips with Programmatic Display Advertising


Everyone is talking about programmatic display in advertising right now and with good reason, with it delivering impressive results and great value. However, many people are still unsure of the detail and unclear on why this is increasingly the first choice for UK digital advertising.

What is programmatic display?

Programmatic display refers to the use of technology to buy online banners in real time; bidding against other advertisers to display an advert to a specific consumer […]

Does out of home build trust for brands?

Last month saw the relaunch of the famous Piccadilly Lights. The lights had been out of action for a number of months and so the great and the good of the advertising industry assembled to see the new-look Piccadilly come back to life in its new form – and it’s as impressive as ever.

One of the most recognisable advertising locations in the world, the biggest brands have fought for space on this location ever […]

Property leader board in Social and trends to watch in 2018

In the table below, we reveal the Top 20 Property developers who have had the biggest impact on social media in 2017. Not much has changed at the top, but two major movers are Barratt Homes (11th to 4th) and David Wilson Homes (23rd to 11th).

Churchill Retirement Living is the only one to drop out of the Top 20 this year, with David Wilson Homes taking their place.

Chatbots come into their own

It’s interesting to […]

GDPR Mythbusting

With only 6 months to go, there still seems to be a lot of scaremongering surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), so here at Space and Time we wanted to dispel some of the myths out there and give you the truth – warts and all.

Myth 1: Brexit means we won’t be affected

For a short while, some marketers thought they’d dodged the GDPR-bullet. “Hurrah”, we’d read in forums, “now I don’t need to worry about […]

Is your data telling a story worth capturing?

Every search, click, share, comment and swipe is invaluable in telling us something about your customers.

Data is increasingly available to help refine ‘always-on’ marketing activities across the lifecycle of any customer journey. Tracking our customers across all available touchpoints means we can use data signals to enrich future customer experiences, encourage them to return, or allow us to identify and mine similar audiences. With information being collected from an ever-growing number of connected devices and […]

Programmatic – Everything you ever wanted to know about header bidding

What you need to know as an advertiser

Header bidding started life to circumvent the waterfall process (more about that later). It’s given publishers a fantastic opportunity to maximise their revenue from their own inventory, and as an agency it gives us a breadth of choice in how we can buy inventory programmatically.

What is header bidding?

It’s a technique whereby publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before deciding on the winning bid. This means […]