Who ever knew ‘Images’ were so cool?

Who ever knew ‘Images’ were so cool?

We take imagery for granted every day, whether it be natural or digital, yet in 2013 it’s about to get more exciting, especially for advertisers. All that virtual image real estate out there you are not aware of is just about to come alive and play a major part. The following are my favourites thus far and the day job has me working on how best to integrate these for our clients. Enjoy them all and leave a comment if you want to know more or contact me at jon@spaceandtime.eu.com to work with us on this for your brands.

Plenty of you might have heard about the ‘Internet of Things’, it played centre stage this year at Le Web in Paris.


So whilst the Internet connects everything, the photos, videos and objects on our devices and in the real world can now also be used in new and simple ways to increase awareness, sales and results.

Next up is a new Kiosked.com – The ‘K’ emblem within picture & video across the web offers opportunities to buy products whilst browsing anything it’s linked to.


SlingshotShopping.com – Slingshot an item you see into your shopping basket when surfing the Web for purchase later


ThingLink.com – Create rich images with music, video, sound, text and more. Share and discover deeper stories through images


And finally for all those objects out there in the real world or locations – bring them to life!

Aurasma.com – Augmented Reality – Bring locations, products, photos to life with your mobile or tablet


Amazing aren’t they all…

So what are you waiting for and how can we make you stand out today?

The Opportunity: All your marketing just got more creative, shared, efficient, profitable

“Images and objects both online and offline are no longer inanimate, but platforms for our creativity and the ability to share” Captain Clickback, Space & Time Media

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