What is social media success?

What is social media success?

What is social media success? Even though advertisers and agencies try to talk sometimes the same stats measurement, it’s not one thing, it’s different to everyone.

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The advertiser or the agency almost feel compelled to stick numbers, goals and ROI as a comforter for the whole process, but success is not a number, it’s actually the improvement of communication between brand and consumer that is the key here.

Better customer service, everyday growing brand engagement, consumer and corporate education of new digital solutions and ways to do business, better links, better search rankings, the list could go on and on and all those values are more important than the numbers that must meet an ROI, made without any experience of the journey to come.

So few brands really take it seriously yet you, I and the rest of the population turn ever more predominantly to our smartphones/tablets and interact with social sites more than any others 24/7, we’re all more joined up than ever before. Do we want better interaction, do we expect it of brands and businesses we deal with? Yes and it’s not a new ‘Yes’, it’s been there for ever, but now we have a new medium and devices to get ever closer to a winning solution for all parties.

Do I measure success on numbers? Not really, I measure success on quality of service, great ideas and making social for brands a consumer’s best friend. As an agency we are there to educate, inspire, challenge and give calm valuable insight, but even more to be creative, pro-active and intelligent, so what I love is not the numbers it’s the actions, the creating of new ways to better communicate and bring all those into the process enriching everyone’s experiences.

If you’d like to know more then contact me and we can explore the subject further. Don’t be looking at others ahead of you, lead, learn, enjoy.

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