What Has Google Been Up To?

What Has Google Been Up To?

Google is constantly working on new things and we always enjoy updating ourselves on their endeavours. We found some of their recent insights and innovations particularly interesting and decided to share them with you:

– Have you been keeping up to date with the Olympics via Google? If so, you are helping your country improve their ranking on Google’s Alternative Olympics medal table! Google has created an alternative medal table which accounts for various factors such as population, GDP and Olympic Google searches. Click here and find your country to see how they are doing.

– Google have been investing heavily in the mobile Google Maps experience lately; you can now download maps of specific areas to use offline, mark important places on the map, add multiple stops, use your voice, avoid tolls, order an Uber and more! The app may soon also feature the capacity to direct users to their nearest available parking place. The feature hasn’t been officially announced yet but new lines have been identified in the source code which are unlikely to be for anything else!

– Google has also been growing their Cloud Platform, which offers businesses hosting on their internal infrastructure, with the acquisition of Orbitera – a startup which specialises in helping other startups sell their software to business hosting.

– Bad news for people whose websites have been penalised for SEO violations; official Google Webmaster Trend Analyst John Mueller revealed last week that websites which have recovered from a penalty are unlikely to rank as highly as they did prior to receiving the penalty. Keep on top of your SEO guys!

– And finally, one of our favourite stories of the week – Google has written a song! The experiment was part of Google’s Magenta project which explores artificial intelligence’s capacity to create art. Click here to have a listen and read what professional musicians have to say about it.

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