Watch this Space Issue 48

Watch this Space Issue 48

We love QR Kit!

QR codes are all the rage this year. Quick Response codes can be generated in this new iPhone App QR Kit launched by Space & Time Media UK advertising agency and available now in the App Store.

QR Kit lets you instantly generate a QR code on your iPhone and send via email or save to Photo Album.

Its USP is that it can also create a vCard QR code for any contact including those directly in your iPhone’s Contacts list. This feature you will not find on any other App at present.

The QR Kit App will be free to download. In time more bonus features will be added and these will be free to those who downloaded the App before it changes to a pid-for version later this year.

QR codes can be used in marketing, promotion, tagging, e-ticketing, video, print, loyalty systems, intelligent advertising and so much more and are excellent for tieing in cross-platform media ideas and the reporting of quality response.

Space and Time have also set up a Facebook page for supporters to ‘Like’ and ask questions and post ideas for future udpates – QR Kit ‘Like us’ on Facebook

Captain Clickback says more and more clients are asking about the pros and cons of using QR codes in their marketing and it is only right we take the lead and actually create the software and wherewithall for all of them to do this. It’s another foray into mobile apps too for Space and Time, something else they are enjoying getting their super strength teeth into.

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