Watch this Space Issue 47

Watch this Space Issue 47

Cookie Monster Law

Cookie law legislation This comes into force on Thursday 26 May and the Information Commissioner’s Office has issued advice to businesses on compliance. New legislation requiring websites to gain users’ consent for cookies.

The document from the data watchdog will help make website owners think about how intrusive their use of cookies is and how to secure consent.

The Government has already made it known it does not want the ICO to take a hard line initially given that technical solutions to compliance with the legislation are still being worked out and the ICO’s advice acknowledges the government support for a “phased approach” but warns companies “cannot ignore these rules”.

It claims that where it receives a complaint about a website it would expect an organisation’s response to show it has a “realistic plan to achieve compliance”.

It will issue separate guidance on how it intends to enforce the new regulations.

Captain Clickback says it’s definitely worth a read-upon this so that you are compliant and any questions you might have contact your account manager at Space and Time. It will affect us all, be you a publisher, advertiser or agency.

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