Watch this Space Issue 46

Watch this Space Issue 46

The end of Google Property listsings

Today Google announced that it was to scrap its real estate property listings on February 10th on Google Maps in a number of countries including the UK where it launched only half a year ago.

From day one the service quickly became unwieldy as many estate agent groups and property portals added details of at times the same homes and property on top of one another and although back then it was thought by estate agents and new home builders’ to be the answer to expensive property portal listings they otherwise had to fork out, Google has once again a failing service that didn’t live up to expectation for them or the public.

The only winners are the major property portals, especially Rightmove who have seen the most serious competitor offering a free listing service pull out of their yard.

The UK’s largest property planning and buying media agency, Space & Time Media’s Head of Digital, Jon Clarke, was quick to comment at the UK launch that ‘Although helpful, the multiple property listings on top of one another would deter users on Google and without them constantly reminding the public of the (property map) service it would end in tears’. Back then he was quoted as saying “Google is a search engine, not a portal, it provides the means for others to utilise its search functions, but it is not a portal or listings provider. It’s not the silver bullet advertisers are looking for.”

Captain Clickback says it looks like he called the play dead right and on the button.

More later folks!

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