Warning! Will your brand .sucks in the future?

Warning! Will your brand .sucks in the future?

Over the past year there has been a large number domain extension names released, but in June this year .sucks and .fail, will join the already released more adult themed ones .xxx and .porn.

Brands should be aware of these, protect themselves and probably insure they don’t fall into the wrong hands when they go on release to the general public in a few months’ time.

Who might want them? Very probably it will be unhappy, disgruntled customers, activists, competitors and general trouble makers. Those who like to hijack and cause a lot of pain to the brands normally associated with the .com etc gTLDs, posting and hosting inappropriate material.

The cost for a .sucks retails around $2500.00 a year, and for trademark owners and celebrities they have a 60 day early access window to register which starts on the 30th March.

Already within its early access period .porn has been registered by Microsoft, Harvard University and pop singer Taylor Swift. There was a lot of celebrity name hijacking of .xxx when released a few years ago.

We’d suggest all clients and brand owners check with their domain name registration company the finer details and decide if at least a few gTLD buys are better insurance than a future media furore.

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