Top 30 UK House Builders Social Media Round-up 2014

Top 30 UK House Builders Social Media Round-up 2014

Social Media Top 30 UK House Builders December 2014 figures are in and it’s time to see who ended the year with the most fans across several platforms. This unique survey is put together by Space & Time Media, the UK’s largest property media agency every month and if you wish to learn the detail of this quick summary please contact

New to the top position from third last year is McCarthy & Stone, adding just under 35,000 new fans across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. They concentrated on Facebook in the first half of the year and then switched the their fan recruitment advertising to Twitter in the second half.

Whilst McCarthy & Stone is top on Facebook and Twitter, Kier Group with 34,000 fans has double the number of its nearest competitor on LinkedIn and Taylor Wimpey take 1st place on Google+ and likewise Urban Splash on Pinterest. These last two social platforms are hardly used by many of the UK’s house builders and construction companies and their fan totals number only in the hundreds.

Interestingly some companies have social profiles, but don’t post anything, and yet still attract hundreds and even thousands of followers. An opportunity surely wasted?

Only a few have taken the medium really seriously, but against retail, food, fashion, travel and other sectors the UK house building Likes & Followers is still very low by comparison.  No doubt with the social platforms offering better targeted ad opportunities these will be utilised and their numbers grow at greater speed in 2015.  It will be interesting to see if by the end of 2015 any have passed the 100,000 fan count.

The content has been varied, so too the engagement and even the conundrum for house builders as to whether they need to be social locally around developments or wider by region, many plumping for just national accounts. There’s is no correct answer to this, each is different in its position, but what is percolating from all other marketing circles now is that the consumer expects businesses to be multi-platform and communicate across all. Customer service is key and with social profiles so easily shared via mobile devices, brands need to realise the positive opportunities, be open and pro-active, and integrate social marketing opportunities into their marketing mix.

These figures are a broad sweep of the UK House Builder marketplace, with at least 35 companies and their multiple social accounts tallied at the end of each month for the past 20 months. If you are a house builder and you aren’t in the Top 30 please get in touch and we’ll add you to our list. In 2015 we’ll be restructuring the survey centring on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, and relegating Google+ and Pinterest to a secondary chart, but also including Instagram and YouTube as image and video become more prevalent.

Social Media Top 30 UK House Builders December 2014

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