The Power of ‘Are You Okay?’

The Power of ‘Are You Okay?’

Space and Time Media’s client See Me is Scotland’s programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination and Space & Time have been working as the charity’s media partner since 2014. The ultimate aim of the programme is to end mental health stigma and discrimination and enable people who experience mental health problems to live fulfilled lives.

The See Me programme was successfully relaunched in October 2014 with the ‘People Like YOU’ campaign and the next phase set out to build on this success and tackle the subject of stigma and discrimination in the workplace – to further educate people across Scotland, encourage self-help, start conversations, drive interaction and continue to build the movement on and offline.

The client wanted to build the brand in a positive way and also sought to create a bold, ‘edgy’ campaign with real impact; one that would get people talking about mental health whilst simultaneously raising the profile and credibility of the See Me brand.

The creative for ‘The Power of Okay’ was built around the idea of asking the simple ‘are you OK?’ question and harnessing the power of this commonplace phrase. A spoken word poem – and accompanying video – was created that was open and honest about mental health; written from the perspective of a young man describing the thoughts that go on inside someone’s head when living with mental illness.

The challenge for ‘The Power of Okay’ was to develop and implement a creative and cost effective media plan, ensuring maximum reach and providing value for money.

As one of the last true ‘appointment to view’ media channels, cinema was recommended as the ideal platform for the offline video element of the campaign. This was the first time that See Me would be seen on cinema screens across Scotland and the shared environment of cinema gave added weight to the hard-hitting subject matter, putting it right in front of the eyes and ears of a captive audience and encouraging discussion around the topics raised.

Cinema advertising was complemented by a radio campaign. It is a medium that offers reach whilst remaining intimate for the listener, is a strong ‘call to action’ medium and, alongside cinema, has some of the lowest levels of advertising avoidance. A three week national radio campaign across Scotland ran reaching just over 2 million adults and delivering almost 13.5 million ad impacts. In addition to the airtime booked the stations agreed to share See Me content through their own social channels while the campaign was on air.

Digital activity for ‘The Power of Okay’ targeted users of all devices across Scotland and comprised of 40 second pre-roll videos on YouTube (using the ‘TrueView’ advertising platform), targeted native video placement via Teads’ innovative ‘InRead’ ad solution (served in contextually relevant environments and only charged upon completed view) and a fresh, varied suite of video and static ads (including custom audience retargeting) within the Facebook newsfeed environment.

Power of Okay

Shortly after the paid media campaign ended the full-length edit of the video was posted to social media site reddit and it quickly became one of their top 200 trending posts driving almost 150,000 YouTube video views in one day.

The campaign launched on 9th November 2015 and ran until the end of December 2015. Results exceeded client expectations with a 59% increase in web traffic and a 1,130% increase in workplace page views against the previous period. Add to these figures around 250,000 views of the video on YouTube and it’s clear to see the unprecedented levels of engagement with, and sharing of, the campaign collateral online.

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