The importance of…

The importance of…

I put my hand up for this particular blog title with one eye firmly on the freedom it would afford me to write about whichever medium I felt like discussing. The one title on the list that would allow me to waffle about whatever took my fancy at various points down the page. Perhaps I could wax boring about the importance of a strong social presence to any decent SEO campaign, or the importance of a varied media mix when moving a product that involves a long and complex buying decision. If I really struggled, perhaps they would even let me get away with explaining that a healthy dose of Van Morrison is an essential pre-requisite of a productive working week. (It really is).

Having spent most of the last couple of weeks rummaging through CVs and sitting in interviews, however, I think I would like to discuss the importance to any first-rate media agency of having a strong team in the office. As any service provider should be, at Space and Time we’re judged ultimately on the quality of our work: on our ability not only to give the right insight and provide the best analysis, but to deliver what we promise and to deliver it on time- to buy the right medium the right way at the right price. Central to our ability to do this well and consistently is the quality of the team of media executives, social executives, search specialists, planners, buyers etc that people our offices in Reigate, London, Manchester and Edinburgh. In order for me to enjoy my work, I need to be proud of our output: to know that the promises I make to my clients in marketing meetings can be fulfilled; that expectations can be met and massively exceeded by the group of professionals whose efforts and expertise I have the privilege to represent.

With all this in mind, the job of recruiting is necessarily long and difficult. Even for a professional buyer, recruitment consultants can be… trying. And there are a lot of candidates out there who don’t quite pass muster: we have to kiss a lot of frogs trying to find our prince. (Although recently HR have insisted I skip that part of the interview). I’ve been with Space and Time for nearly twelve years and in that period I’ve learnt to be extremely protective of its culture and its reputation for high-quality media planning and buying. We’ve been fortunate to pick up some additional work recently and with strong plans for further growth, the need to bring in more resource quickly is pressing. But at the same time we have a duty to our clients to appoint only the best-suited team members. It helps that this is a genuinely lovely place to work: when we do meet the right person, I can tell them honestly that they are applying to join a strong team, an office with a very positive culture where people with shared goals rub along well to turn out a first-rate service for some wonderful clients, where diligence and talent are valued and appropriately rewarded with progression and development.

Of course, after more than a decade here, perhaps I would say all these things. But that doesn’t make them any less true.

So finding a strong fit for the office and for our clients is essential. We need the right experience, the right work ethic, the right aptitudes. Even more important, of course, is the candidate’s appreciation of the indisputable fact that Van really is the man.




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