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The best value Social

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At Facebook Towers it’s all change again for their ‘Pages’ layout (reverting back to 2 columns, a bit like the original layout) and in the past month we’ve seen them downgrade the branded post, especially the text post, to be actually visible to fewer of a brand’s fans; so is it time to re-evaluate its true value with so many more social platforms maturing around it?


Facebook’s power is that it offers the widest reach and collection of all demographics and has the best tools for a brand to work in the social space. However, in the world of ‘value’ one should look at possible return on investment (ROI) and for many that starts with initial cost to manage, advertise and create content.

Over the next few months we’ll be assessing here on the blog the value of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and several smaller ones to attain the best value social media platform and we expect a turn up on the cards to industry opinion.

For every brand there will be different criteria they wish to balance and results they want to get out of social media.

We’ll look at cost to advertise and response, what fan numbers really mean, just how engaging is the audience and at what levels does it become influential (if at all).

What we will see in the future is the push by the platforms to monetise themselves more and more to keep shareholders happy and that means brands paying more to post and be seen than they currently do today.

The last part of the value survey will also cover what platforms work best for SEO. With social popularity becoming a majority player in how it is said Google ranks their search pages is it true Google+ is better then than Facebook or Pinterest better than Twitter? Some are better than others for sure and those links back to brand site are interesting too.

Of course most brands go with a blend of social channels, but only a relative few push for large fan bases on one or more of these. The larger a base the more likely higher reach and engagement every day and as we are seeing Facebook reduce the percentage of fans able to view daily posts this is even more important than ever to at least tread water if not go forward. Recruitment should be the top priority. Facebook knows this, it’s nothing without reach and volume itself.

Social media is a multidimensional offering and evolving and mutating at an ever increasing rate, to get the best out of it you need to test so much, engage groups, listen and learn, but ultimately draw up goals that work for you and your brand and then #bebrave in pursuing them. Sometimes the platforms themselves change the rules, which is galling, so be fluid in your approach and you’ll navigate those moments well.

Check back each month to see our latest findings we’ll share with everyone, because we sure are social here at Space & Time !

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