Have you spotted this new Facebook feature?

Have you spotted this new Facebook feature?

While optimising one of my clients’ Facebook campaigns yesterday afternoon I chanced upon what appeared to be a brand new feature.

Facebook Blog

On the face of it, it looks like a 5-point grading system to help better understand your targeting options but, as with all new Facebook features, my first point of call was to scan the website for any blog updates. I couldn’t find any. Even Facebook advertising guru Jon Loomer hasn’t mentioned it (from what I can see) – could I be the first person to report on this?

I decided to contact our Facebook representative for some clarification. This was his reply:

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been testing a new feature to help advertisers better select their Detailed Targeting (interests, behaviours, and, demographics) descriptors. This feature will provide advertisers with performance metrics on each previously used descriptor across all their ad campaigns within a particular ad account.

Exciting stuff! We’re already using this new feature to help optimise existing campaigns, by excluding some of the poor performing targeting options. It’s too early to tell whether this will make a positive difference, but it is important to test new features like these.

At Space & Time, we’re fortunate to have our own Facebook representative to keep us updated with new features and aid us with strategy.

If you’re running Facebook campaigns and you’re struggling to see tangible results, then please get in touch with me at david@spaceandtime.co.uk

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