Space & Time systems go cloudwards with Bullhorn CRM and People HR

Space & Time systems go cloudwards with Bullhorn CRM and People HR

Space & Time’s value proposition for clients is ‘Smarter Media for a Connected World’.

To ensure that we continue the ‘connected’ narrative across the entire business, we have invested in two cloud based systems that will mean we are operating smartly and in a truly connected way with both our clients externally and with our staff internally.

After reviewing all the CRMs available for best in class client communication we opted to go with Bullhorn CRM. The fact that Bullhorn is a truly mobile system and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device was top of our list of priorities. Plus Bullhorn stood out for us due to the radical transparency made possible by Pulse, Bullhorn’s patented tool for automatic data capture and proactive intelligence. By tracking and analysing all client interactions and emails Pulse will enable us to build a comprehensive 360 degree view of client engagement. It will eliminate blind spots and remove the challenges that operating across offices in multiple locations can sometimes present. We will be able to communicate more efficiently and more transparently within teams, within departments, across offices and of course directly with clients.

Our second investment in smart new tech is in People HR. This is another cloud based solution and works across all devices – tablet, mobile and desktop. It eliminates spreadsheets and hard copies of documents from the HR process, gives much more transparency to the process for an employee and makes holiday and diary management infinitely easier. It has a fantastic applicant tracking facility as well as the ability to post any vacancies to social media websites within minutes.

Space & Time has never stood still as an agency and that is reflected in these two investments and our current plans for growth. We are really excited about incorporating both Bullhorn and People HR into our daily working practice and will be eagerly watching out for any other cutting edge software launches that might make us even more connected and ever smarter!

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