Space and Time strike a pose at Vogue House

Space and Time strike a pose at Vogue House

This month Space and Time were delighted to attend a very special dining experience at the iconic Vogue House, located in Mayfair, London.

We were wined and dined in style whilst learning more about the fascinating history of the prestigious Condé Nast publishing house. Although some details of this business and its heritage are well known, there were several fascinating nuggets revealed on the day which were news to even the most fashion-fascinated among us.

It has been 108 years since the Condé Nast Group launched its famous magazine empire, including publications still familiar today, such as Vogue, Tatler, GQ and House and Garden.

In 1916, when Vogue started publishing in London, Condé Nast were creating a world first by publishing a lifestyle magazine on two continents. However, to a large degree this development was a practical response to the difficulties involved in distributing the American edition across the Atlantic during World War I.

Originally scheduled to launch in the late 1930s, the UK edition of House and Garden was delayed by the onset of World War II. The magazine finally hit shelves in February 1947.

In 1932, Vogue placed a colour photo on its cover, which was revolutionary at the time
Over the decades, Condé Nast and its stable of publications have become synonymous with fashion photography. Today art students study the history of fashion found among the pages by Vogue issues.

With the whole world moving online and print media famously “in decline”, there are still some powerful reasons to include magazines such as these on a media schedule. As so many brands are still very aware, a premium audience and a high-end context are still worth paying for.

Each of Condé Nast’s titles reaches a unique, diverse and engaged audience. In a rapidly fracturing media marketplace, such diversity even with the one portfolio is of the utmost value to brands and planners alike.

Today the Condé Nast Property Section is seen by 1.3 million affluent unique readers each month. Advertisements placed in this section appear in Vogue, House and Garden, Tatler and GQ.

Here are a few facts about the Condé reader:

• Condé Nast readers are twice as likely as the average consumer to have bought a property as a result of seeing it advertised in a magazine/newspaper

• Average reader ages for each title are: Vogue 38, GQ 34, Tatler 41, House and Garden 40

• Condé Nast readers are 74% more likely than average to be moving house in the next six months

• Condé Nast readers are over twice as likely as the average AB consumer to be inter-ested in reading about property in magazines (index 211)

• Condé Nast readers are nearly three times as likely as the average AB consumer to own a property abroad (index 293)

• Condé Nast readers are twice as likely as the average AB consumer to own more than one property in the UK

• Condé Nast readers are more than four times more likely than the average AB con-sumer to have property investments(property investments designed to generate in-come, index 423)

• Condé Nast readers are three times more likely than the average AB consumer living in London & SE to own a home worth £1m+

• Condé Nast readers’ main residences property values are 25% higher than the London & SE average

• Collectively, Condé Nast readers’ main residences are worth £138bn

Sources: NRS July 2014– June 2015 / Premier –The Upmarket TGI 2014/2015

Lauren Gale
Media Insight Team

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