Space and Time Media – Facebook Workshop

Space and Time Media – Facebook Workshop

Last Thursday our Reigate office hosted the agency’s first ever Facebook advertising workshop.

We invited local business owners to come and enjoy a morning of tea, coffee, and croissants, whilst we navigated them through setting up and managing a Facebook campaign from start to finish.

Having run tens of thousands of campaigns for our clients, training is somewhat relatively new to our digital team.

We are seeing a growing trend of businesses preferring to do things in-house, but not really knowing where to start, or what best practice might be. This can often lead to high costs and poor conversions and leave a negative impression of Facebook advertising, with many proclaiming, ‘it doesn’t work!’

But that is simply not the case – in fact, I’ve yet to run a campaign in any industry that doesn’t work on Facebook – you’ve just got to change your perspective to what constitutes “success”. You’ve got to be willing to change the goalposts.

For example, if you sell a high-ticket item (£1,000+) and expect to run direct response conversion adverts and get people to buy straight away, you will most likely be left disappointed. It can be extremely difficult to get “cold traffic” to buy from you without first establishing trust.

So instead, you treat the first touch point as a top of funnel objective – perhaps with the aim of getting your would-be consumer to download a free piece of content, or sign up to a newsletter. You can then use Facebook intelligently to bring your prospect further down the sales funnel. You need to have a strategy in place.

This is where we hope to help. With our expert knowledge, we want to give businesses the tools and knowledge to be able to set up and optimise campaigns independently if they wish – we will help get them started and offer advice when needed.

And so, we embark on a slightly different direction here within our digital team. Of course, we will still fully manage paid social campaigns for those clients that want that service, but we can now add bespoke training and consultancy to our offering.

The workshop went off without any problems. People were busy scribbling down notes (which we take as a good sign), and there were lots of questions.

We are now looking to put together a social media management workshop and have already had a lot of interest – in fact, everyone who attended the paid social workshop has booked onto this one!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you some of the content from our workshop, so please make sure to check back soon.

David Pool
Senior Digital Strategist


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