Space and Time Media expanded its social media offering this winter to several more clients some long standing and some new.

Over the past 12 months the agency has beefed up social content production, brand monitoring and consumer service management for brands as diverse as YodellingMum, CALA Homes, Keepmoat Homes, Illuminated Mirrors, Edgar Bros Shop, Conceive Plus, Gladedale Group, Mentholatum and its several brands including Muscle Rescue and Regenovex.

Creation of multiple daily posts across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and a host of specialist blog and social platforms has been complemented with video creation, games, quizzes, competitions, apps, surveys, promotions etc.

Introducing clients to social media has been rewarding and educational for all parties; each opportunity has been different, the multiple needs and uses of the platforms diverse, and results varied on the KPIs set. For many it’s a learning curve in not only growing fan bases and engagement, but also on how they can act faster, be more personal and have personality.

2013 sees this area growing, with the agency being specially requested to run workshops for clients and non-clients alike and below is one of our favourite video stories that brought a brand to life: Yodelling Mum; between her daily tweets, her personal Facebook page and the cartoon videos we gave her a heart and soul, but more importantly a voice that plenty of the public engaged with each day. ‘Is Yola real?’ we were asked many times. Perhaps she is on a mountain somewhere… we’re not telling.

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