Shop The Look – Google search by outfit

Shop The Look – Google search by outfit

Google Shop The Look

Fashion inspiration is increasingly being driven by recommendation across social networks, with buyers looking on Instagram, Pinterest and fashion blogs for the latest must-have accessory or collection. Google has struggled to capitalise on this growing trend in terms of Adwords paid search – until now. The search giant is launching ‘Shop The Look’ in the US, a service that pulls items from the aforementioned social channels into the top of search queries – accompanied by lookalikes from advertisers to encourage sales and allow consumers direct access to the look they want to buy.

This new development is great news for fashion brands, ecommerce stores, advertisers and consumers alike. Google has started this ‘curation’ process with fashion but will be branching out to home décor in the coming months and will likely make the product available in other territories.

Google currently offer UK advertisers ‘Showcase Shopping’ ads and Shopping ads on image search – our team of Paid Search experts would be delighted to help implement these for you!

If you’d like to be kept up to-date when Shop The Look launches in the UK, or to find out more about the range of services Space & Time Media can offer, contact us on

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