Property leader board in Social and trends to watch in 2018

Property leader board in Social and trends to watch in 2018

In the table below, we reveal the Top 20 Property developers who have had the biggest impact on social media in 2017. Not much has changed at the top, but two major movers are Barratt Homes (11th to 4th) and David Wilson Homes (23rd to 11th).

Churchill Retirement Living is the only one to drop out of the Top 20 this year, with David Wilson Homes taking their place.

Chatbots come into their own

It’s interesting to see which house builders have Facebook Messenger switched on for their Facebook page:

• A2Dominion
• Barratt Homes
• Bloor Homes
• Churchill Retirement Living
• Linden Homes
• Lovell
• Miller Homes
• Morris Homes
• Persimmon Homes
• Redrow Homes
• Stewart Milne Homes
• L&Q Priced In

As discussed in a recent Smart Insights update, Gartner research suggests that as much as 20% of business social content could be automated by 2018. As the quality of the tech involved improves rapidly, Chatbots afford businesses the opportunity to engage with their audience in a way that feels increasingly personal. These days it’s possible to customise messages directly to the audience, and this has been improving rapidly as chatbots are developed to become ever more intelligent and more human-like.

Measure the ‘everything’

With so many more options to link social activity to business impact and more big data integrations, we will continue to see a more connected ecosystem. Rather than just operating in its own isolated bubble, generating engagement metrics that accountants don’t really understand or value, social media is now feeding directly into the management information systems of businesses. Modelling cause and effect and developing a better understanding of how social media can affect the bottom line remains the media planner’s goal, and with the folding in of social metrics to contemporary data architecture systems, that’s an increasingly achievable aim.

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