PRICE or CREATIVE ? Digital media needs a saviour

PRICE or CREATIVE ? Digital media needs a saviour

Over the past 12 years in the UK we’ve seen digital prices crumble what with the influence of automated buying mechanisms and the global, though mostly American influence, of high volume low price being king. The other massive driver is advertisers wanting ever more complex media, their targeting and reporting all done cheaper too as if in the words of Freddie Mercury ‘It’s a kind of magic!’

As we agencies and advertisers have pushed prices down the publishers themselves have yielded and taken on even more ad spots to keep yields up. Some though found alas that ad revenues dried up for them totally and went bust.

Google, Facebook, the trading desks and ad marketplaces have made ad impressions a commoditised product. Where will it end? Mass impacts for pennies a few cents and wall to wall bland advertising that no one remembers? Almost very probably.

So what’s our point…?

Well perhaps it’s time to offer the consumer a better ad product, be more dynamic, make digital advertising memorable and fun.

Honestly, you can all remember great TV ads from even your childhood, but can you name us 1 or 2 as good online campaigns? With 99.97% of people not clicking on an advert bought on a network this is not about how many click it’s just about awareness and then no matter how many thousands, millions or billions of banner ads you put out who remembers any of them more than a second?

I really think 2012 whilst many think is the year of the App, Mobile and Tablet should also be challenged to be the year of the CREATIVE!

By improving creative delivery, mechanic and content advertisers can improve click through by 6-60x !! That’s still 98.4% perhaps awareness, but make the ad fizz, pop, fly, fun, reward & amaze and you’ll get stand out no matter whether you are a property company or a fast food brand. With that stand out and all those attributes you’ll also get greater awareness for your Buck, Pound, Euro, Yen and create some memorable ads.

You might even create ads that are looked forward to, seen as helpful, even shared.

So the magic isn’t in the price it’s in the creative dear advertisers. All this from a media agency too! Well we’ve not let the moss grow under our toes as 2012 for us will be the year of our Adbars and their bespoke creativeness that gives them far more clout than the 99.999999999% of ads you’ll see again this year.

Simple dynamic creative ads work better (& can be cheaper too). And Publisher’s they allow you to keep your CPMs up as well 🙂

Happy Client. Happy Agency, Happy Publisher.

Get in touch if you’d like one 😉

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