People aren’t watching less TV, they’re just watching in different ways…

People aren’t watching less TV, they’re just watching in different ways…

With the fast growth of digital media, and new channels emerging on what seems like a daily basis, people are often fast to point the finger at TV as the biggest loser when it comes to how much time people are spending consuming the channel. After all, there are still only 24 hours in the day so surely something has to give?

However, what people often forget is that TV is no longer that one single box in the corner of your living room. The growth in technology means that TV is now everywhere, both in and out of home.

Thinkbox recently underwent some research, aptly named Screen Life, with the aim of understanding more about how TV has changed over the years and importantly, what affect this has for advertisers and brands.

People are now viewing TV in numerous places…

Whilst the research verified the importance of the living room to TV (still making up 86% of total viewing), some of the most interesting findings were about how TV is now being watched outside of these surroundings, e.g. on mobiles, tablets and PCs. For example, 46% of the research sample had watched TV on ‘non-traditional’ devices in their bedrooms, 19% had watched in the kitchen, 12% in the garden and 9% had even used them in the bathroom or toilet!

But TV is not just confined to the home, as device proliferation means that users are now able to consume TV wherever they go. The research showed that over a third of people now watch TV whilst they are on the go (for example whilst travelling, on the commute or even whilst at work).

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TV on demand is still widely talked about…

The research also looked at how ‘on demand’ TV affected conversation and whether it had the same ability to drive buzz and fame as mainstream or ‘live’ TV. The findings were quite surprising showing that whilst live TV is still the most talked about (13%). TV on demand was not far behind with 10% claiming to have had a conversation about it within 15 minutes of watching.

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Multi-screening is now the norm…

Another emerging trend which is not only now possible but now also the norm, is multi-screening whilst watching TV. This is perhaps one of the most interesting developments for advertisers as it enables consumers to react almost immediately whilst watching the ads. It is now commonplace to see multiple screens within the living room with 74% of people claiming that they pick up another device whilst watching TV ad breaks.  And interestingly this isn’t confined to just live viewing, but is also just as likely during on demand or recorded content.

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Overall, whilst the research did not necessarily unearth any brand new information – it did help to support what we already thought in regards to viewing outside of the home, as well as multi-screening within the home. It is also reassuring to know that this type of viewing has not had any noticeable effect on overall viewing (in fact this has gone up) but also in regards to stimulating conversations. TV is still the most highly consumed, and the most talked about, medium – it is just now viewed in a slightly different way.

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